Digital Classroom LIVE

Wednesday, Januari 17th we will broadcast another live episode of Digital Classroom.


In this Digital Classroom, photographer Frank Doorhof will show you how to make quick and easy portraits with small flash.

Setting up the lights, choosing your modifier, coaching your model for the perfect look and taking the shot. From headshot to more exciting pictures, you’ll see it all in this 2-hour live shoot. And of course, your image is not completed without a final touch in post. Frank shows you his workflow and you can ask questions all the time on YouTube or Facebook.

In between Frank will do a photo critique, so if you have some portraits sent them in!

Learn all about taking quick and easy professional portraits with small flash on Wednesday January 17, 3PM CET

In a 120 minute live shoot with our model you will see:
  • preparation of a photo shoot
  • styling
  • setting up the lights
  • metering the light
  • the photoshoot
  • selection process
  • retouch


starting time 3 PM CET, or 10 AM New York Time, 7 AM Los Angeles and 1 AM in Sydney, Australia


During this live stream, you can ask all the questions you want and Frank will answer them live in the broadcast if possible.

click here to watch the live stream