Join us on May 3rd for a very special workshop in New York (USA).
This workshop is limited to 15 people max, and will have the participants also shooting the models.


Do you want to go from ok to WOW in your photoshoots?
Are you sometimes stuck with the question “now what to do with the model to make it rock?”
Is it hard to imagine what light setup to use with certain scenes?
Do you sometimes see images where you go like “I can never do that?”


Well than this is the workshop for YOU.
In my workshops we go from A-Z, there is no “weird” talk about things being difficult, there are no secrets, everything you always wanted to know about a successful photo shoot will be taught during this intense workshop day, expect to be inspired, awestruck, energized but most off all go home with a better toolbox to go from ok to WOW.


As with all my workshops there is a lot of room for questions and the workshop will actually will be tailor made for the needs of our group, of course all the topics are covered that are needed like : metering and manipulating light, coaching the model, finding the right poses, adding movement, using smoke, retouching tips and much much more.


All workshops start with an intense Q&A in which you can ask whatever you want about the techniques, vision, retouching etc.
After the Q&A we will start in the studio and slowly move outside, including a stunning rooftop view over New York, after the shoots I will end the workshop with a demonstration on retouching and the whole workflow process.


These workshops are intense and will leave you with a lot of inspiration for months to come.


Location : New York (USA) 
Time : 10:00AM-4:00PM 
Costs : $425.00


Some shots from the location







Some samples from previous workshops.

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