Ultimate workshop weekend
In this 3 day intense workshop with a small group, you will learn everything you always wanted to know about fashion/model photography but where never able to ask during standard workshops. The program is 100% flexible and custom made for the group attending, in other words all your questions will be answered during these 3 days (and evenings).


Knowledge needed for the workshop:
We start all days with an Q&A in this part I get a good feeling for the needs of each participant and during the shoot sections I will give some extra attention to the starters, during day 2 this group will be divided into groups with the pros to make a nice balance and I will constantly switch between the groups to help out and assist. The workshops I teach have a very easy to understand technical part but most is based on being creative with light and working with locations and models and this is for ALL levels difficult but also easy to follow. That’s why I never put a level on my workshops, we have pros and beginners working together and both groups get a lot out of the workshops.


We work with very small groups of maximum 15 people.
In total the workshop runs well over 30 hours, 3 full days and 2 evenings.
We are in a studio all 3 days and use at least one outside location, also included are all the models and a nice relaxed BBQ on the roof of the studio. This is NOT a workshop with 40 people jammed in a room and a powerpoint presentation, you work with the models, you have a lot of 1:1 attention, there are different locations, models etc. This is the most intense workshop I teach. Plus you get a cool present at the end of the workshop.


About the workshop
Our homebase is a nice studio in the NY area.
Visit http://www.5thfloorstudiolic.com/ for the location and more information on the studio.
During the workshop we will be working both in the studio as outside in different locations, including a full shoot in the evening hours. During the workshop there is a lot of time for questions and I will try to answer all the questions with examples during the live shoots.



Day 1 10:00 AM-xx:xx PM
Part 1 : Intense Q&A in which you can determine the topics discussed during the workshop.
Part 2 : Different lighting techniques are shown on location and in the studio.
Part 3 : Group discussion about the techniques.
Evening : Location shoot (without model), skyline or Urbex


Day 2: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Part 1 : Quick Q&A
Part 2 : You will be divided in three different groups and work with 3 different models in different setups, of course with assistance.
Evening : Hang with us during a nice and relaxing BBQ on the roof of the studio and talk about photography or just chit chat.

Day 3: 10:00 AM- 06:00 PM
Part 1 : Retouching, workflow in Photoshop, Lightroom and several plugins
Part 1b: Retouching in action, here you will do a part of your own retouching with my help.
Part 2 : Portfolio review from the attendees, groups discussion
Part 3 : Business tips and using social media for building your brand


topics covered:
using natural light vs strobe, fill in flash, day to night, manipulating light, using feathering for ultra soft light from a hard light source, multiple strobes vs one strobe, studio lighting for commercial fashion/glamour, outside lighting for fashion/glamour, coaching the model, finding the perfect pose, story telling, styling, working with gels for special effects, window light, adding movement to a shot, working with dancers as models, using props like sunglasses, masks and organza, using smoke to spice things up, shooting analogue for that special look, working with vintage lenses on a DSLR, tethered workflow, backups on location, using the color checker, the light meter demystified and much much more



topics covered in retouching:
Bring your own laptop because you will also be retouching the files.
making the correct selections, working with the color checker, retouching in Lr or Ps, using plugins vs doing it all in Ps, creating an unique look via toning with filters or without, making an image pop, hyper real fashion retouching, quick dust deletion via content aware, skin smoothing, adding detail back in the skin that is over smoothed, body shaping in Photoshop, enhancing the portrait, cloning for high resolution files, moving pixels to create movement and much much more.


Topcis covered about analogue photography:
This will be a small part of the workshop and is scheduled during a break.
Which film to choose when, BW vs Color, do your own developing, scanning with Silverfast.


We will be working with :
DxO, Alien Skin, Topaz, Macphun, NIK software plugins.


Every attendee will receive
a certificate, a signed print, a free download coupon worth 200.00, a free plugin suite.


The group is limited to max 15 attendees.
Location New York area


Early bird registration $ 1250.00



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