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Final images Nadine from the Studio76 workshops

Today just some images from Nadine I shot during the workshops we did for Studio76 in Eersel.

SWPP Demo shots

Last week I was at the SWPP in London with Nadine and Annewiek.
During the SWPP I taught several seminars for the SWPP but was also of course active on the Elinchrom booth for our friends from the flash centre.
Today some images from the booth.

Beltcraft studios workshop the fast set 4

Today the final set from the Beltcraft studios workshops.
You’ve now seen 3 sets already and today the fourth.
Normally during the workshops I always try to show 3-4 completely different sets, these sets are always different, depending on the l0cation we are in, the mood I’m in (or the model/group), the light we use etc. etc. in this case we had to be out of the studio within 20 minutes after the last set (3) and because there were no further questions (we already talked a lot) I decided to see how far I could push myself (and Nadine) and took the challenge to create a complete set in 20 minutes…. and yeah the 20 minutes was including hair and makeup……. oempf.

Beltcraft studios set 3

Third setup from the belt craft studios workshop