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Tip : The most simple location can be awesome

Often I hear photographers complain about the lack of great locations… I always tell them “the best locations are in your head, and often right in front of you”. Somehow it sometimes seems that if there isn’t a great location the creativity is gone, or is it just that…… In my opinion every location is great to photograph, but I often do look for certain extras like contrast, grunge (rough) and color, OR the lack of it. The more rough […]

Tip : Hiding backgrounds

While working on location you will sometimes find awesome backgrounds, and sometimes…. well less interesting (and that’s putting it mildly). Now not in all locations it’s possible to use smoke or change the background, for example for the simple reason everything else is cool and interesting. So how do we solve this. A very simple trick (and easy to do) is to use a very strong backlight, mimicking the sun, a window… or just a very strong backlight (whatever you […]

New Ultimate weekend in Emmeloord February 26/27 2016

This is without a doubt one of the most intense workshops I teach, and probably the only one like this on the market. In 2 jam-packed days you will learn anything you want to know about model photography with a small group of attendees in our own studio in Emmeloord.   Topics range from : Shooting on location and in the studio, working with sets you can build yourself, styling the model/sets, finding the right angles, adding motion, working with […]

Ultimate Weekend October 2/3

It’s almost that time again…… On October 2/3 I teach another one of the Ultimate weekend workshops from our studio in Emmeloord. As you know I love teaching and these weekends are very very dear to me. In a normal workshop you work with a group for the better part of a day, but at the moment you start to know each other well it’s almost over.     In the Ultimate weekend we work from 10:00-21:00 on day 1 […]