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UK Here we come…. for some cool workshops

It’s almost time for our yearly UK tour. Every year we travel to 3 locations in the UK with a model to teach a full day workshop. This year we will do it slightly different because we will also be teaching one of the very successful “Mastering the model shoot : A-Z” workshops in the London area. Our team for this year: Me (of course) Annewiek : assisting, filming Nadine : Styling, model So where will we be? We kick […]

Small spaces are limiting? … nah

One of the most heard excuses is “my space is too small for a good shot”. Well you might not be able to shoot a model in front of a white seamless, or fit in a whole family, or make a model jump (although that could be funny… for the photographer, not the model,….. nah don’t do it), but in essence EVERY location has potential as long as you use it to the max.   In this case we used […]

It’s all about expression, especially with glamour

I’m not really a glamour shooter, but when I do I love to play with the expression of the model. For me glamour always should have something that’s a bit “naughty” so working with the expression of the model is vital (as with all of photography I believe). In this case I choose a lower angle and had our model Linda on the floor lit by an Elinchrom Deep Octa with grid from the top. A very simple setup but […]

Digital Classroom July 1

Today we finished the second broadcast of our digital classroom project. In this project I try to bridge the cap between the videos and the normal workshops. In the videos you watch and learn but in workshops you can have a great interaction with our team to ask whatever questions you want and I will incorporate that into the workshop and because we work with smaller groups during the workshops that is an even greater learning experience, but there was […]