Lenaa in wonderland…..

During the Ultimate workshop weekends we always try to do some stuff that nobody expects.
This time we added a little story telling with some more “extreme” photoshop work…. well for me, I normally don’t do these kind of looks.


For the editing I used Topaz glow (see our discount page for a cool discount on Topaz products)


Many thanks to our models :
The Bunny, Alice and the Queen of hearts AKA Chaim, Lenaa and Christa
Dresses by Nadine and Sinister.

Lenaa February 21 2015 28085

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Nathanael and Elena Carre

Today on the blog the images I shot for the German flutists duo Carre.
They travelled a long time for their photoshoot so I had to make sure we did something creative for them…


As you probably know I love shooting artists.
The reason is actually quite simple, they know exactly what they do and what they want to portrait, for me as the photographer it’s my job to get the look/image they want on the shots. In this case they wanted something “else” not the standard portrait you see with normal classical musicians, so we worked together with them for these results.

Check them out at : http://www.nathanaelcarre.com For Nathanael.
And http://www.soundcloud.com/elena-badaeva for Elena


Carre February 11 2015 27978 1

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Some images from the workshop with Anna

Today some images from the workshop A-Z with Anna Matthea.

Anna Matthea February 14 2015  0176

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Using some simple props to make it work

Sometimes the most simple solutions can be actually the best, well at least make a shoot a lot more interesting. During the workshop with Anna Matthea we were working with this snakeskin background and I wanted to make it a bit more interesting. Because we are building some sets we had these baseboards laying around so I thought it would be nice to use them as leading lines in this shot.


The connection to the background was very simple, use some ductape (I still agree that if all ductape in the world would disappear the world would collapse).

Anna Matthea February 14 2015 0810

I used one gridded strobe on the model from the left (image left) and one red gelled strobe from the right (image right), by including the strobe in the image I got a little bit of lens flare which I loved. Because I balanced my color (manually) around a middle point between red and neutral I got this beautiful blue hue in the skin of the model.


To make the shot more interesting I choose a lower angle to shoot from and let the model move her hair around to create some extra “slam” to the image.
As one of the students found out, it indeed looks a bit like an 80’s rock album cover.
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Lenaa during a workshop

Today some images I shot during a 1:1 workshop with Lenaa this week.


Lenaa February 17 2015 1796

Lenaa February 17 2015 0007

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Mount Teide at night

Today some of the images I shot during the night part of our trip up mount Teide.


Now this was way out of my comfort zone to be honest, for the simple reason I never actually do this kind of shots, I’m always planning to do it but somehow it never happens so being able to do it now in such a wonderful location was actually a real treat so I hope you guys like the shots too.


Shot with the Sony A7r from the new Benro Tripod.
The nightsshots were all done on long exposure settings, because it was pitch black it’s a small problem to focus but thanks to the EVF in the Sony’s this actually was easier than expected (another big plus for the EVF :-))

Tenerife A7r  (349) - February 04, 2015_HDR 1

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On top of the mountain

The second day in Tenerife we took a guided tour to the volcano Teide.
Loads of people advised it to us so it had to be good right?
Well after the submarine I have to be honest I was in doubt…. but…. this is something I can really advise to people this was one magical tour.


So today some images from this trip.


The bus actually stopped on a few very cool places with nice overviews and especially the moment you drive through the clouds is something that is really cool to experience. Tomorrow some images from the night part.

Tenerife A7r  (524) February 03, 2015

Tenerife A7r  (575) February 04, 2015

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