IceLight review

Today a small review on a speciale piece of lighting kit, the Westcott Ice Light.
Let’s first look at what it is…
Annewiek called it my short lightsabre and I have to be honest, it does remind me of one :D
Here you see one in action in the shot.

Chantal Juni 25 2014 161 1

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The Arcanum

Last year I met with Trey Ratcliff at Google head offices in the states.
At that point he told me about a project he was working on that would be different from the educational programs that were on the market at that moment, because I love to work with people I was more than interested. And a few months ago the Arcanum went into beta.


I’ve been working with them from the start and it’s nice to see something grow the way the Arcanum has grown. It’s still very early of course but I think it’s a completely new way of learning and inspiring people. Due to a very busy schedule I skipped the first group of masters but I’ve become active yesterday as a master on the Arcanum, and I’m more than looking forward to be working with them.


Check them out at 
I’ve been running my own program “A year with Frank” for some time now ( and I think the way the Arcanum is setup it’s a very good addition to what we already offer in education. So I’m psyched to be on board.



One light, outside

Today just one simple portrait which I really like.
Shot during a workshop last week with Manon, the light source is a Quadra from Elinchrom with nothing on it, just the dish.

Manon Juli 5 2014 (13 of 153)_DxO

Some images from Manon with the ice light

During a workshop last week I’ve played a bit more with the Westcott Ice Light, I will post a review online soon of this light source, today just a few images.

Manon Juli 5 2014 (34 of 153)_DxO

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Just some portraits

Some images shot during test sessions last week.
These sessions we do with models that we think can be interesting for our work, in a test session we actually run through some standard lighting setups just to see how the models behave in front of the camera and how creative they are, most of the time 1 out of 10 models we do these sessions with stay with us in the workshops or other assignments.

Hennie  Juli 1 2014 565

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Some new images from male models

Today I share some images from sessions we did with some of the male finalists from our competition “Poldermodel 2014″.
Today I introduce Ian and Daniel.


Ian  Juli 1 2014 594

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Working with portrait or landscape mode

Composition is one of the things that is always very important in a shoot, but what is the perfect composition?
Well to be honest… there is no perfect composition.
Of course there are those “rules” like the rule of thirds but let’s be honest they just give you a “this will work” general rule of tumb, but it’s often not the most interesting shot possible. In my opinion it’s incredibly important to play with the way you shoot.


Take for example these two shots.
One is shot in the so called portrait mode.
It draws all the attention to the model and to be honest it looks pretty nice.

Lenaa Juni 20 2014 64 1

However as soon as you change to landscape mode for me the whole image gets way more interesting.

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