Mastering the modelshoot, the facebook group

My book “Mastering the modelshoot” has been doing great and almost daily get mails from people who like the book, send me images inspired by techniques explained in the book etc.

So I thought it would be cool to not only see these images myself…. but share them with the world.
On you can now join the “Mastering the modelshoot” group and enjoy the images, post your own, share stories etc.


Who can join?


Who can participate?
If you own the book or if you visited one of my workshops/seminars etc. feel free to post your images, stories etc.

Loes with some sound…..

Today a shot from a few weeks ago, shot during a workshop with the topic story telling and using props.
Shot with a wide angle from a low angle to add some extra drama, and the expression from Loes helps a lot of course.

Loes Knorren Augustus 1 2014       102

Visiting an abandoned mental institution

I love visiting abandoned places, actually when someone shows us around and they bring us to the tourists spots I also like that but I get a real kick out of seeing stuff that you normally would not.


During our stay in New York we had two amazing days where we were shown around by 2 of our friends.
The first day was a nice drive to the Stone Pony (which I quickly labelled as the stoned pony but that’s a different story) and some other sights (which was awesome) the second day we visited an abandoned mental institution near New York. Annewiek checked us in in facebook which she better couldn’t have done seeing some of the reactions like “finally”, so don’t worry we were not admitted :D


It was a huge area we could walk around but we were not able to get in the buildings which was a shame, we did try (of course) but as soon as we walked towards a door we heard the sirens of the local security which asked us for our IDs and what we were doing, because I saw this as a warning we decided the outside would also be ok to shoot.


The lighting was very harsh but I think we got some nice images anyway, so today I share this album with you guys.

Augustus 28 2014 NY  (43 of 298)_DxO

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Ian and Lenaa

Today some images from our models Ian and Lenaa shot during the first Ultimate workshop weekend in the Netherlands.

Lenaa and Ian outside Augustus 2 2014   5

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Chantal during the small flash workshop

Today some images from our model Chantal shot during a small flash workshop.
In this workshop I mostly use one strobe (system flash) and some Rogue flash benders.
It’s very cool to show people how easily you can modify the light with these very simple (but awesome) tools, it really chances the way people look at the small flash system and realize that you can create stunning images with these little strobes, and you don’t even need a lot of them.

Chantal Juli 26 2014 9

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Final Denmark images

Today the final series of shots I took during our Denmark trip.

Denemarken Augustus 6 2014  248

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A street portrait

One of the things I really love to do when traveling is walking around the streets and shooting some street scenes. This can be random material (most of the time) but sometimes I also take some more time to talk to someone and shoot his/her portrait after this.


This is Tom, a Vietnam veteran.
He makes these nice airplanes from used cans and sells them on the street to survive.

Augustus 27 2014 NY  (84 of 222)_DxO

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