Discounts etc

This is the page were you guys can earn money……. well a little bit.
As you know we work together with some great companies who make our work (and your work) a lot easier.
On this page we do something back for you, I asked several companies for some nice discounts for the followers of this blog and our students/clients, so keep checking this page for some great discounts. Some discounts will be there for a long time, and some will be only limited, so make sure you check this page on a regular basis.



Topaz labs always has nice plugins for a very very friendly price.
Their newest releases are Topaz Clarity and it ROCKS, without any doubt, a plugin you really can’t afford to miss, it’s like tonal contrast on steroids, but also check out ReStyle which is an awesome tinting plugin and Clean3 which I use for skin. Order them via http://www.topazlabs.com/716.html and also support out blog. Use Doorhof99 as coupon code for a really cool 10% discount, topaz now has a great deal for their complete suite for black friday, check this link for it


I use the Exposure 7 filters to get some of the most amazing vintage looks in our files.
Visit their site via : http://www.alienskin.com/?utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=frankdoorhof and use the code FrankDoorhof for a cool 10% discount.



macphun_logoMacPhun has some pretty cool apps/plugins.
I use Intensify pro on almost all my shots (mostly on a low setting, but you can also go overboard of course), it’s a very powerful plugin/app with layer options and the option to combine effects and paint in the effect (great of adding effects on certain areas). Their focus plugin/app is also great for that special “focus” needs. And they have a lot more of course, but these are the ones I use. Use the coupon “frankd” and get a 5% discount. Do use the page on our website for the code to work, you can find it hereMacPhun is also offering a great discount for black friday, you can find that one here, it’s the whole suite for only 89.99 !!!! (now that’s crazy)


If you want a rock solid tethering solution there is only one program I can think off… Capture One.
I first got into contact with Capture One many years ago and have always used it when I want my tethering to be stable and fast. Capture One is also one of the best RAW developers and has a pretty good Moire removal filter. One of the things I also really like is the way Capture One works with a hot folder (if your camera is not supported) and finally they have an awesome “focus mask” setting where you can immediately see if you got the focus right. For tethering I don’t know a better solution and for RAW conversion Capture One and DxO are without a doubt in my mind the best.

When you order any product from the Capture One webstore and you use the coupon “AMBDOORHOF” you will get a cool 10% discount, on ALL products in their online store, which you can find here.

With all these discount you also support the work I do on this side, so please use and spread the codes.
I only support software I use myself, even if that means skipping on earning money.