Mastering the model shoot “Lost Places” March 5, Duisburg, Germany, FULL

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Emscherstrasse 71, 47137 Duisburg, Germany, FULL

This coal and steel production plant was abandoned in 1985, and is now a public park to preserve and understand the past. It is also part of The Industrial Heritage Trail in Germany. Several old buildings are being re-used by for example scuba divers, rock climbers and a big piazza for events and concerts. There is railway, gardens and a small river (used as sewage canal)

We rented the Schaltwarte-room for max 8 students to participate in the workshop: Mastering the model shoot “Lost places”.  Join this “hands-on” workshop about model photography inside and outside with model & styling by Nadine Stephan. You definitely will get inspired!

Nadine Augustus 20 2016 0086


What you will learn ?

After a Q&A at the start of the workshop the attendees talk about the problems they experience on location and what they would like to learn to boost the level of their work, after the Q&A Frank will incorporate all (if possible) questions into the setups he shows during the first part of the workshop.

The following topics are covered:

* working with natural light & flash and a combination of both
* workflow on location
* manipulation, metering and understanding light
* coaching your model, finding the perfect pose, expression and movement
* how to tell a story, creative thinking, going from ok to WOW
* and a lot more…..

FULL, you cannot register anymore

Whole Day Price: €199,00               Time: 10.00-16.00                Including drinks & simple lunch

buy your ticket with Paypal, and sent me a mail , you will get confirmation of your payment and more info short before the workshop

some other pictures taken at an Urbex locations:

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