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Video review Sony 24-240 Lens and loads of travel and street photography tips

Today the final part of my review of the Sony E-mount 24-240 lens. During the review period Annewiek took some video of me shooting and sharing tips on Texel. You can see some of the shots and the tips in this episode of Quite Frankly. Feel free to share the video.   Subscribe to www.youtube.com/frankdoorhof for much more free videos and of course our videowebpodcasts.  

BTS video Dussen

Today a behind the scenes video shot during the workshop we did with Nadine in Dussen. This is one of our “castle” workshops tour “Mastering the model shoot on location” which we are doing this and next year.   If you want more information make sure to check www.photography-workshops.eu or check the menu “special workshops” on this blog (look left) for the workshops in both the Netherlands as abroad. We have workshops coming up in Norway, the UK, Spain and the […]

Capture One main features : QF Ep 42

In this blogpost a bit of attention to our videowebpodcast “Quite Frankly” In this videowebpodcast I always share photography related tips and tricks which range from retouching to shooting people/models/street and travel, as long as it’s photography related and I love it… well I share it.   Over time I got a lot of questions about why I use Capture One in my workflow so I decided it was time for a quick overview of the topics which I love […]

Trailer for Mastering the model shoot : the light meter

This week we released our new video called “Mastering the model shoot : the light meter” If you did not already downloaded it because you were curious to see what kind of video it is? Well here is the trailer, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.