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wacom mobile studio pro first impression btcd december 8 2016

My first impression of the new Wacom mobile studio pro I look at the screen, tethering, software, keyboard, USB, connections, the stand, speakers, pen and much more. Of course I also compare it to my MacBook pro Feel free to leave comments or ask questions Subscribe to our channel if you like what we do and please share the videos

Behind the closed DOORs December 8 2016

today we take you BTS during the second day of the ice sculptures workshop for Sony and Cameranu.nl We also visit Eyes on Media in Amsterdam to pick up some gear for testing and after that we drove to CameraNu.nl to pick up the wacom mobile studio Pro…. a video with my first impressions will be online later tonight

Help Portrait Behind the closed DOORs December 3 2016

In todays episode I tell you about Help Portrait and we show you a little bit about what we did during Help Portrait. Join Help Portrait via www.help-portrait.com or if you’re in the Netherlands www.help-portret.nl

A Quick message from everyone helping out with Help Portrait today

Today is a very special day. Today is Help Portrait day. The whole year we are busy earning money with photography but today it’s the time to give back. People that don’t have the opportunity to be able to afford a photograph taken by a professional photographer are welcome today in a lot of studios worldwide where professional photographers give them an unique portrait. Do you also want to join help portrait visit www.help-portrait.com In my opinion everybody should.