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Behind the closed DOORs teaser episode 1

This is the first episode (or call it teaser) for “Behind the closed DOORs” In this videoblog I will be filming the material you normally don’t see, the BTS BTS videos so to speak, how we arrange photoshoots, how I connect my gear, make backups and well what we normally do during a workday or during trips. I film this all with my iPhone so no fancy audio, no fancy lighting, it’s just as it is and I think that […]

Digital classroom from this week

Today (May 6th) is my birthday and what is better than to start the day with some gifts.   Great MacPhun offer on my site on www.frankdoorhof.com/macphun you can buy the complete suite for a big discount. 25% off on all my instructional videos It doesn’t matter if you use our shop or the direct video download page… use the coupon code “super” and get a stunning 25% off   And we share the newest digital classroom with you guys, […]

Digital classroom “heroes and villains”

Every month we stream live for 2 hours straight from our studio with a jam-packed “digital classroom”. In the “digital classroom” we discuss several techniques in lighting, retouching, working with the model etc. and the fun part…. you can 100% participate via the online chat. Today I share the version with Poeka were we had a huge focus on story telling and working with themes. If you want more make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel (we really appreciate […]

Interview with Joel Grimes

We travel a lot to teach on trade shows and of course our own workshops and one of the most exciting things for me is meeting up with other photographers and pick their brains about what drives them, pushed them forwards in their careers and their visions on our trade. After professional imaging (the largest Dutch tradeshow) we invited Joel Grimes over to our studio to show him our area and of course squeeze in an interview for our videowebpodcast […]