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“Beyond snaps : street and travel photography tips” a new instructional video

We just released a brand-new instructional video called “Beyond snaps : Street and travel photography tips”   We all love photography right? So when we travel the camera always travels with us, however how often did it happen to you that when you looked at the images at home you thought “Now where is that killer shot?, I know I made it”.¬†Well we all know that feeling, often while traveling there isn’t time to wait for the perfect light, get […]

Digital classroom Small flash

Digital classroom is a live broadcast from our studio which we do every month for free. I started digital classroom to introduce people a bit to what we do with our instructional videos and workshops, of course these go more in depth and are a bit more technical but for a free broadcast I strongly believe it’s a great educational tool.   Digital classroom is not possible to create without the help from some sponsors of course, so we are […]

New instructional video MTM 2 On location

New Mastering the model shoot instructional video : OUT NOW !!!! Today sees the release of the second video in the “Mastering the model shoot” series, Video 2 : On location. Working on location is one of the most challenging things a photographer can face, but also one of the most exciting and of course it can give you great portfolio results, but there can also go so much wrong. In more than 100 minutes you travel with me, Nadine, […]

A new kind of BTS video

Today a new sort of BTS video. Annewiek always films some behind the scenes material during the location workshops and edits them into small BTS videos for you guys to watch later via our YouTube channel. We decided however that although they are fun to watch it would be nicer if they would also give some information about the gear I’m using on location and some background information on the shoot, model etc. and who knows what more in the […]