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Behind the closed DOORs October 23 2016 Comic Trips tribute

Today a very special episode. Normally we focus on photography and what we do during our work, today we decided to do something completely different. Today you will see a behind the closed DOORs that is recorded as a tribute to Frank’s favorite YT videowebpodcast at the moment called “Comic Trips” Join us in todays trip to fleamarkets, an awesome Star Wars room and much more. If you want to see the real Comic Trips (and we really recommend it) […]

behind the closed DOORs October 22 2016

In todays episode we take you behind the scenes during the workshop “simple modifiers”, you see the setups, the styling and the finished results. We also have the price winner of the X-rite analyzer give away and I show you the Phottix Indra 500 which works wonders with the Sony cameras…..

Photoshop world Las Vegas 2016 classes

In July we took our family to Vegas for PSW 2016. They had never seen us perform for such big crowds. And because our son was helping, Annewiek could make a small backstage video. Including results. Check our schedule for more workshops in the USA: www.frankdoorhof.com/a

loads of tips in Behind the closed DOORs October 18 2016

In todays episode a lot of tips and you meet one of the new models for our workshops plus you get to see the results from the photoshoot and our open house. This episode contains tips about : A tip for renaming images and why you should do this. Programming shortcuts in your wacom Mirroring displays for color correction Creative effects on your lens for free and more….