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Behind the closed DOORs January 18 2017

In todays episode no photography (although I did take some images myself). In this episode I take you with me during a bike ride through one of the most beautiful areas in my home town, UNESCO heritage. And because it’s now mostly white it’s a great ride, so join me.

Test BOYA microphones QF Ep88

In this episode we take a look at the Boya BY-WM8 dual channel microphone and BY-PVM50 DSLR mic. And we compare it to our Sennheiser set and built in camera mic. The outcome might surprise you.

Behind the closed DOORs January 14 2017

In this episode we show you behind the scenes recordings during the “cosplay” workshop. Next episode the results

Behind the closed DOORs Januari 11 12 2017

In todays episode a look at Digital classroom, we put the finishing touches to our Mac to PC project, I solved a Windows 10 glitch with my wacom products and more…