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Monitor and calibration info

One of the hardest things for some people is choosing the right monitor. And now that you own it…. what do you do with it? And what is that stuff about calibration?   As you can see, it’s not as easy as “wow this one looks great, let’s get that one” In this episode of “Quite Frankly” I give you some tips and tricks for choosing the right monitor, calibrating it and how an analyzer works.

Digital classroom EP1 (the test)

Last week saw the release of a new series in our educational program. I’ve done a lot of workshop and webinars and both are 100% different, a workshop is a real 1:1 experience (we always work with small groups), a webinar is more a “watch and learn” experience.   For a long time I wanted to do something in between and never had the chance to do it, setting this up costs a lot of money as you can imagine (different […]

Quite Frankly Ep 48 audio in video and review of the Rode NT-USB

When you start out with video the focus is often 100% on the video quality and of course that is understandable, but…. in fact the audio is maybe even more important and often forgotten when you start out.   In this video a comparison between the Rode NT-USB and the internal microphone of a MacBook Pro early 2015. Especially when doing screen recordings often the internal microphone is used because it gives a pretty good sound recording (no denying that), […]

Video review Sony 24-240 Lens and loads of travel and street photography tips

Today the final part of my review of the Sony E-mount 24-240 lens. During the review period Annewiek took some video of me shooting and sharing tips on Texel. You can see some of the shots and the tips in this episode of Quite Frankly. Feel free to share the video.   Subscribe to www.youtube.com/frankdoorhof for much more free videos and of course our videowebpodcasts.