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behind the closed DOORs September 29 2016

In todays episode a first look at the Tethertools CaseAir for wireless tethered shooting We are also filming a shoot out between two wireless mics, the sennheiser and boya. Plus a HUGE frustration about my Sony camera.

QF Ep 79 Wireless mic shoot out

In this episode of Quite Frankly we look at two wireless mic solutions. Audio is the most important thing in a video, so getting that right is incredibly important. We actually always use a wireless Sennheiser system which works flawlessly. However they are also a bit expensive, so how well does a much cheaper Boya system compare to the Sennheiser.. In this video you can see me test the audio quality, interference of background noise and range.

behind the closed DOORs September 27 2016

In todays episode we are setting up a new workflow for digital classroom, we visit CameraNu.nl for a new camera/lens for testing and you get a lightroom tip Enjoy todays episode 😀

Behind the closed DOORs September 26 2016

In todays episode we drive back to the Netherlands, see an incredibly long trafic jam plus we visit a possible workshop location for 2017 and it’s a STUNNING one. Oh… and I give my opinion on smoking 😀