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Behind the closed DOORs August 25 2016

In todays episode we visit CameraNu to talk about some details for an upcoming workshop with Sony, Wacom, CameraNU and Epson. And I tell you guys about our upcoming Ultimate Weekend. Which is an Awesome workshop weekend in English.

next Ultimate Weekend is coming soon!

October 14&15 we will have the next Ultimate Weekend, a very intensive 2 day training, where you will learn all about model photography. Here’s te link to register: http://www.frankdoorhof.com/site/tours/ultimateweekend/

Behind the closed DOORs August 24 2016

In todays episode we take you behind the closed DOORs during our “Digital classroom” day. See how we setup the cameras and how it’s always a struggle to solve all problems before a broadcast.

Digital Classroom August 24 2016

In this episode of digital classroom we take you on location, well ok… not the most exciting location… just outside our studio. You will see some techniques that can help you out a lot during your own shoots to make it easier to create killer shots including the use of the new Elinchrom HS system. This is a 2 hour broadcast recorded live from our studio with the complete workflow from the shoot to the retouching. You see it all.