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Xrite workshop Day 2 and Urk BTCD March 28 2017

Today day 2 of the X-rite 5 day workshop. See the shoots with our model Ramona. After the workshop we visited Urk and I show you the different attractions from both the ground and the air. Plus we introduce you to our “broodje Kroket” It’s a jampacked episode. please subscribe to make it possible for us to continue creating the vlog

X-rite 5 day workshop Day 1 BTCD March 27 2017

In todays episode it’s time for the first day in the 5 day X-rite photography workshop. Meet Mark the price winner and see what we do during day 1. If you like our videos please subscribe, like, leave comments and share.

To sick to vlog BTCD March 26 2017

A quick update why there were no vlogs this week, I also talk about the future of my MacBookPro… or better…. if it even has a future. If you like what we do leave comments below, subscribe and tell other people about it.

1 second tips BTCD March 20 2017

In todays episode a LOAD of “1 second tips” straight from the tradeshow floor. Tips on live, photography, retouching, lighting and more. See people like Glyn Dewis, Martin Hogeboom, Pim van der Maden, Tom Krieger, Kristina Sherk, Joao Carlos, Brendan de Clercq, Gustav Kiberg, Brian Dragsma and Annewiek Doorhof….. You also see the final day of professional imaging, and in the end a “long 1 second tip” from me…. If you like what we do, subscribe, leave comments below, share […]