Category : Visions and technique

Tip: be ready

It’s difficult to make a shot when you don’t have a camera with you….. This is one of the first things I learned when I got into street and travel photography. The other thing I learned was that the best camera is the camera you have with you.  With today’s technology you can get great shots from even your smartphone so there’s hardly an excuses to not come home with some interesting shots.  But the most important thing is… always […]

Tip : what’s the new worst that can happen

One of the most heard problems of people interested into street photography is “how do you ask someone?” The answer is incredibly simple.  “You use your mouth” Yep it’s that simple. Just walk up to someone with a big smile and just ask if he or she minds their picture taken. Tell them you’re working on a school project or personal project (saves explaining it’s not commercial) and shoot.  Most of the times you ask someone it’s already an interesting […]

Tip on subtle motion

Motion can be awesome but also remember that a dynamic photo doesn’t always has to be a jumping model or waving hairs 🙂  Sometimes a very subtle “Stand on your toes and pose like ….” can grow into something like you see here. A small prop like a hat completes the shot. 

Tip : space

I always love to leave space in my images. I often call it “the way the image breath”. When I do portfolio reviews I often see photographers really zooming in on the model like they are afraid that they loose megapixels they paid for.   If you leave some room you will see that an image is way more pleasant to look at and also draws the viewer in more. On location this becomes even more important. Show that location. […]