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A simple chair

Expression, expression, expression…..
Yeah it’s true, a good model knows expression.
For me it’s one of those things I always pay a lot of attention to when I coach a model (or scout a model).
During the workshop “Fashion and props” Anna Matthea was our model and although she is fairly new I think she really rocked it her……


A very simple light setup, just one gridded softbox (deep octa with honeycomb grid) and a chair almost agains the background, and just let her go….


Model : Anna Matthea
Dress : Nadine Stephan

Anna-Matthea  129 - December 12 2014

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Props to pose with

One of the best things to add to your studio are props a model can pose with, now don’t think about posing stools… there will a market for it but it’s not my thing, I love the more “natural” things.


These metal bars we got from a friend who owns a toy store and I love using them for a few simple reasons.
First of all you can create nice leading lines with them, but they are also awesome to pose the model on, let her play with her poses and the lines and you have almost limitless opportunities. You can of course always stand them up and use them like that, but most of the times I love them on the floor.


Dress : Sinister
Model : Anna Matthea

Anna-Matthea  18 - December 12 2014

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The bigger fight

yesterday I heard a very good motto:
“It’s not how big the man is in a fight, it’s how big the fight is inside the man”


This is without a doubt a motto for almost everything but especially photography, often I hear people say “I can never do that”, or “I don’t have the gear for that”, but most of all “You shoot everything correct, I don’t”

Well let me first make a confession…. I shoot just as much junk as all of you, only I probably don’t show it, for me photography is a matter of going on till I get the shot.

Yesterday we did a session in Emmeloord I call “Fashion in Emmeloord” well ok not very creative, the model was surprised we were done in 10 minutes per locations, I told her very simply that if I get the shot I’m after I will continue for a few frames and then try a different angle or composition and continue to the next, there is no need to push through. I will use a maximum of 1-2 shots per location for my own portfolio so why shoot 10 killer shots while I can switch location.

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Who’s afraid of lensflares

Lenses are often coated against lens flare……
And that’s ok of course, because in all honesty I don’t want lens flare in most of my images, but sometimes it can be incredibly cool to play with, it can really spice up a shot.


Always remember that lens flare can be rather easily controlled.
First of all make sure you see the light source in the frame and then slowly crop it out and release the shutter.
Wider angles are more prone to lens flare
Remove your sunhood
And get the cheapest glass you can :D (but is also works with very expensive glass under the right angles)


Sometimes it will be too much, but if you start learning the tricks it can be a real addition to your shots.

Marina Day 1 September 16 2014 0035

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Camera as prop, a tip

It’s often a problem to keep coming with good ideas, we all know the feeling of……. uhm…….. yeah……. so……… pfffff…….. yeah let’s do that….. or not.
Get that feeling also sometimes?
Who doesn’t :D



Sometimes it’s easy to fix, just give the model something to play with, but what?



I found out that I loved it when my models posed with cameras, old and new, actually on I have a whole album with shots I did over the past year or so with cameras.

Ultimate weekend day 2 2483

So the next time you’re stuck (or have a model that’s a bit stiff or unexperienced) give him/her a camera to play with. One final tip… make sure you tell the model how to hold it.



For much more in-depth tips and techniques see my website and download one of the instructional videos, or get my book “Mastering the modelshoot”

Nadine PI dag 2-36-Edit

Results workshop Groningen

Today some images from the workshop I taught on November 29th in Groningen.
The location was an abandoned building and our model Anna Matthea, of course the styling was by Nadine (and Anna herself).


During location workshops I always try to not see the location before the workshop day, this way the group can really see what goes through my mind while setting up the scenes, in my opinion this is the best way to learn, I don’t feel people learn all the techniques when during a workshop there is no attention for the way something develops, and it also keeps me on edge of course. On some locations there are many opportunities and in some locations you really have to look for them. In this case it was a bit of a mix, the building itself had many great locations, but it hasn’t been abandoned for long yet so the decay still has to set in so to say, thanks to the layout however there were more than enough great photo opportunities, in fact I could shoot there for a week I think and still find new things.


The first set we did was in a small hallway and explained the mix between focus and broad light, but also the mix with the ambient light, but most of all it was about finding an interesting angle.

Anna Matthea Groningen  31 - November 29 2014

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Westcott Ice Light video

A while ago I got the chance to test out the Westcott Ice Light.
For me it’s a wonderful teaching tool to really show what light does, but combined with the barndoors it’s also an amazing light source.


In this episode of “Quite Frankly” I show you some technique for using constant light during a photoshoot.

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