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About Sony

I’ve been doubting if I should write this blogpost, but I decided to do it anyway. Let me make one thing 100% clear, I don’t work for Sony. I use their cameras and that’s about it, at the moment I’m not even in their ambassadors program, so there is no “getting paid” to write reviews or what I’m doing today. However I think the following post can be of major importance for a lot of people to link to, so […]

Sony A7RII review video

When I switched from Canon to Sony at the release of the A99 I did a small prediction…. “In 10 years Sony could be the new number 1, if they keep doing what they are doing”, little did I know about what would happen in only 2 years. At the moment you must be living under a rock to not take Sony serious. In Medium format they are the “unknown” number 1, meaning every manufacturer is now using their sensor […]

Using a very simple prop can make a difference

We all know the so called “posing stools”, “how to pose books” well don’t get me wrong… they all have a market, but for me they often don’t work.   Every model is different, every lighting situation is different but most of all every scene is different. I love to “sync” the pose to the models clothing, the model, the scene etc. etc. there are so many variables it’s almost limitless, so to have one pose that fits all…. doesn’t […]

Tethering… what if all goes wrong…

We get a lot of questions about this so I thought it would be handy to do a small blogpost about it.   So you want to shoot tethered right? Well I don’t blame you, it’s the best thing ever, it’s fast, you can check your images, you can beam them to smart devices (or worldwide) etc. etc. the options are limitless at the moment and it keeps getting better.┬áMy personal favorite way to shoot tethered in the studio is […]