Category : Visions and technique

Tip about posing

Often people ask me about posing the model. In all honesty, there are many books out there called “example poses” and I’m not a real fan of those. Although they can be great as a starting pose. You have to realize that every person is different, every body type is different and every pose is different.  I strongly believe the pose should mimic the character of the person, so you can of course put somebody in a pose step by […]

Tip : do it in camera 

One of the best tips I can give you guys, is to do as much as possible “in camera” ofcourse you can spend hours and hours editing your photos but it always looks more natural if you do it “real” Or as my Moto has been for years “why fake it when you can create it”.  In the shot you see here for example everything was done in camera (except the tinting). Now how did I get those “flares”? Very […]

Story telling tip

Photography is much more than just a pretty picture. Sometimes the most complicated setups, styling and locations cannot beat a very simple shot that actually tells a story.  September 11th 2001 we were in America stranded and not knowing if we could get back.  This shot for me tells the story of the way we felt when we heard our plane would go back. We were actually the first plane landing on Schiphol again.   But this also gets a […]

Enhance expression with your lens

When asked what is your favorite lens for portraits I always seem to surprise people when I tell them “whatever I want to show” Somehow people seem to think that for portraiture there it always one focal length that you love and stick with. However reality is different of course.  Every focal length renders a person different and sometimes you want that classic look with a slightly shallow dof and nice “flat” look and you go for the 100mm but […]