Category : Visions and technique

Props are not always expensive

Sometimes people think that props should always be expensive, but in essence it is often way more fun (and more interesting) to shoot with cheaper props, like in this serie with Nadine where I used an old window, and indeed NEVER let your intern wash the windows… one of them once offered me to wash them “because they were so dirty”, the look she got from me….. well let me put it this way she didn’t offer it again 😀 […]

Lens flare control can be very easy

Light is the language of photography. Learning to understand and control lighting is in my opinion vital for a photographer, in essence you should be able to take a good shot in almost any situation. That’s also why in my workshops and instructional videos I always give a lot of attention to the more “cool” lighting tricks you can pull off when you are able to manipulate your light.   In this blogpost a very simple tip, but a very […]

Transport and opportunities

We all travel while traveling, right? Often however I see photographers traveling with their camera in the bag just hanging in their seats waiting to arrive at the location, however there are often many cool options to shoot while traveling. Today some images I shot on the ferry from the mainland UK to the Isle of Wight. It’s only an one hour commute but there is a lot to shoot and the time flies when you’re shooting 😀  

Different looks for different moods

In the old times we choose the filmrol for the look we wanted, now a days everything is of course digital and although I still love to shoot with film my workflow is 99% digital. I do however always say that “In my workflow I’m a 99% digital photographer, however in my heart I’m a 100% analogue photographer”, now why do I tell you this today?   When I look at my digital files I always feel something’s missing. They […]