Category : Visions and technique

Everything has color… so why not use it

During workshops I often love to throw in some colors in the form of gels. Gels are in essence sheets of colored plastic that you can put in front of your lighting to change the color of your lighting, it looks absolutely awesome in combination with smoke, but it can also be very effective on the model itself. Just make sure you don’t place the gels to close to the modeling lights. Post your coolest colored images down below.  

Alternative lightsources

Often when we work in the studio we tend to use strobes, now because strobes (or continuous lighting) is so embedded in our mind when we think about studio lighting we often tend to forget that there is way way more. Always remember the golden rule: Aperture controls the strobe Shutterspeed controls the ambient light (constant light). With this golden rule it becomes incredibly easy to incorporate/understand mixing different light sources, and this can be very cool. We often hunt […]

Those awesome lumecubes

When they asked me to test the lumecubes, my first response was “not really my thing, but I’ll look at it, sure”. Never could I have imagined how much I would love these little miracles. Now let me first explain why I was not over the moon about the idea of the lumecubes. There are many small led lights, and in all honesty I tried a few and was always disappointed, they never were bright enough or if they were […]

Directional lighting rocks

We all know that light is very important in photography, in fact photography is often called “painting with light”. Now it’s no secret I think that I love directional lighting, the way you can steer your light is always a big plus for me, I love to put the light exactly where I want it. Thanks to grids this is very nicely done, put a thick grid on your strobe and you have a very narrow beam, but a thinner […]