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Adding some spice with masks

One of the things I love to do is play with masks. You could make the joke that it saves on retouching, or it even makes an ugly model look great, but (although all true) in essence for me it’s also the fact that you don’t see any facial expressions, so believe it or not it’s actually MUCH harder to pull off a good shot. As human beings we are triggered by expressions, emotions (like laughing, smiling, being sad etc) […]

Alternative light sources Part IV

Today the final part of the blogposts based on the workshop “alternative light sources” with Nadine. Today in the final part we used just the light emitted by the small lamp Nadine is holding. Due to some of the spill light from the studio we got this crazy (but cool) mixed color in the shot which I personally love. I placed Nadine on top of 4 chairs we stacked. Settings on the camera were (like with the previous posts) : […]

Alternative light sources part III

Today the third setup from the workshop “alternative light sources”. For this setup Nadine used one light on her head, because this light was not bright enough to light her whole face I used a Westcott Ice Light to light part of her face and body, I used the barn doors on the ice light to really steer the light where I wanted it. A good assistent is vital for these kind of setups.   This is a shot with […]

Alternative light sources part II

Today we look at the second set from the workshop “Alternative light sources”. Again with our model/stylist Nadine. In this setup Nadine went all out with her creation and it was 100% fitting the idea I had to combine a single lightbulb with her “outfit”. She’s holding lamps that are actually are connected to the power and emit light. Of course this light is much lower in intensity than the bare lightbulb so a bit of precaution has to be […]