Category : Visions and technique

Tip : when sometimes a strobe doesn’t fire

Always experiment with different lighting setups. Sometimes it happens by accident, and sometimes not 😀 A strobe doesn’t fire… don’t you just hate it? in fact, it’s not always a bad thing, often you can find stunning lighting effects due to the fact that one of your strobes doesn’t fire. For example see these two shots from Ingrid. Both shot approximately at the same time, one where the strobe did fire, and one where one of the strobes didn’t. Now […]

Tip : make a model jump out

Loads of people ask me why I always use grids in front of my light-sources.  When I use grids it means that I can really pin point the light towards my model. In essence we always like our subject to jump out in the photo and the grids really help out with this.    So the next time you add that vignette in photoshop remember it can also be done in camera 🙂 Model: nadine 

Dragging the shutter 

One of the most powerful tips I can teach people is a very simple technique called dragging the shutter. In essence a cool way to control the ambient/available light and the strobe.  An easy way to remember this is to always use this little helper : Aperture = strobe  Shutterspeed = available light This works wonders if a client is looking over your shoulder on location and lets you know he would love to see a bit more light coming […]

A quick tip on capture that perfect pose/expression

Expression is everything in a shot. You can have the best styling in the world but if the model looks “bored” that’s about it… unless of course looking bored is what you’re after. One of the tricks I always use to get great expressions and “movement” in a shot is to shoot on “motordrive/slow” you will shoot 2-3 frames a second and you just let the model move/pose/express her/himself. This way you get the more natural looks easier, and this […]