Category : Visions and technique

Tip : make that model hurt…..

Well ok don’t take that literally because that’s a whole different kind of photography 😀 But when you want to make images a bit more interesting it sometimes helps to let the model pose a bit beyond her/his comfort zone. During the workshop “coaching and motion” we did some more “extreme” poses with our model Ingrid, who has the legs for it…. and today some of the results. The most important thing you have to remember is finding the lines. […]


It sounds so incredibly obvious but still it’s often forgotten. If you want action….. do something. Pretty obvious right? Still in a lot of photoshoots that I judge I see amazing models, great styling, proper lighting, awesome locations…. but no life. Somehow the images don’t speak. What’s going on? With most models the thing they do is pose. But if you don’t tell the model what to do she/he will…. well pose, just stand there or do some killer poses (depending […]

Tip : Delayed strobes

With studio photography we often forget that we can use strobes very creativity. We press the shutter and the strobe fires…. right? Well yeah in most cases that’s the way it works, unless your trigger doesn’t work of course, in which case you have to press again. With the release of the Elinchrom ELC units there was a new feature called “delayed”, there are many new features but today it’s about this one. The Delayed setting makes it possible to […]

Tip : colors and expression and styling and….

In a good photo everything has to fit together. During a recent cosplay shoot we had one of the final setups with a beautiful young lady holding two guns and blowing bubble gum… now in my opinion that didn’t belong in a side lit dark situation, but I wanted something more like a spotlight. During sets like this you always have to look at the outfit, the look you want from the image (the mood) but also of course what […]