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Between two walls and different lights

In these shots you can see our model Anna Matthea between two walls……. you say what?


In our studio we use different kind of backgrounds, mostly the studio walls are painted in special structures and colors to function as backgrounds, but we also have several “movable” walls. In this shot we used two of these walls in a very steep angle and let Anna Matthea pose between them.


Lighting setup was very simple…. just a single 100W lightbulb, nothing more.

Anna Matthea February 14 2015 0366

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Using some simple props to make it work

Sometimes the most simple solutions can be actually the best, well at least make a shoot a lot more interesting. During the workshop with Anna Matthea we were working with this snakeskin background and I wanted to make it a bit more interesting. Because we are building some sets we had these baseboards laying around so I thought it would be nice to use them as leading lines in this shot.


The connection to the background was very simple, use some ductape (I still agree that if all ductape in the world would disappear the world would collapse).

Anna Matthea February 14 2015 0810

I used one gridded strobe on the model from the left (image left) and one red gelled strobe from the right (image right), by including the strobe in the image I got a little bit of lens flare which I loved. Because I balanced my color (manually) around a middle point between red and neutral I got this beautiful blue hue in the skin of the model.


To make the shot more interesting I choose a lower angle to shoot from and let the model move her hair around to create some extra “slam” to the image.
As one of the students found out, it indeed looks a bit like an 80’s rock album cover.
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The complete picture

We all know that adding motion is often that little thing that makes a photo jump out, however always also remember that it’s still very important to keep you eye out for the styling, in this sample shot for example I did not only add the motion but also matched the clothing to the hair of the model and the background.



Often people ask me how to improve their photography or they see they are missing something and in 99% of the cases it’s not a matter of a bad photo but more a matter of giving attention to 2 parts of the 5 parts that make a great shot… now don’t think I consider my shots to be great :D but I do always try to mix and match everything together, and because it often looks like a complete shot you don’t see how much care we take for the little things like for example a gridded spot to give a bit more contrast to the clothing and putting the vignetting around the model.

So try to make your shots “complete” think about the complete picture and see if it ALL fits together. Sometimes it’s a very small change you need to make for a huge difference.

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Capture One main features : QF Ep 42

In this blogpost a bit of attention to our videowebpodcast “Quite Frankly”
In this videowebpodcast I always share photography related tips and tricks which range from retouching to shooting people/models/street and travel, as long as it’s photography related and I love it… well I share it.


Over time I got a lot of questions about why I use Capture One in my workflow so I decided it was time for a quick overview of the topics which I love in Capture One and I’m sure you will love too, especially if you shoot tethered.


Here is the episode, and remember that when you want to buy Capture One you can use the code AMBDOORHOF for a cool discount :

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Faking a sunset

You know I don’t really like to “cheat” right?
Well actually it’s a little bit handy sometimes.



Let’s say you’re on that stunning location and the sun is already dropping but it will take at least another hour to get that beautiful sunset…. and your family really wants to go, what do you do?
Well you could get into an argument and stay.


But sometimes you can get away with some “trickery”.
If you position yourself behind an object and capture the sun just barely in the frame and underexpose the scene you can very easily in Photoshop add some warmth (in this case I used DxO Filmpack but you can also just change the color temp or use Alien Skin Exposure, Capture One, or whatever tinting solution you like).



It’s not a great or real sunset but at least it gives you a slight bit of that look without loosing the image completely. And the effort in Ps is very minimal.

Urk  (93 of 96) January 14 2015_DxO

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Trailer for Mastering the model shoot : the light meter

This week we released our new video called “Mastering the model shoot : the light meter”
If you did not already downloaded it because you were curious to see what kind of video it is?
Well here is the trailer, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Difference between strobes and constant in the same set

During the glamour workshop from this weekend we worked with a set and two different light sources.
In the first image you see I used an Elinchrom strobe with the varistar reflector aimed at the ceiling, in the second image the only light we used was from the chandelier which is hanging about the set.


Both are slightly different tinted fitting the mood I wanted for each image.
As you can see, both light sources render the light completely different, my personal favorite is often the tungsten light source, especially when we are working with a set, but as I always say, make sure that you shoot both options, at least you have something to choose from, plus… with strobes you have a lot more power meaning I can shoot with faster shutter speeds and more depth of field, the tungsten shots I had to take from the tripod because I needed to stay at ISO200 (shooting it with the Leaf Credo60).


Lenaa  31 - January 17 2015

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