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Quite Frankly Ep 48 audio in video and review of the Rode NT-USB

When you start out with video the focus is often 100% on the video quality and of course that is understandable, but…. in fact the audio is maybe even more important and often forgotten when you start out.   In this video a comparison between the Rode NT-USB and the internal microphone of a MacBook Pro early 2015. Especially when doing screen recordings often the internal microphone is used because it gives a pretty good sound recording (no denying that), […]

Workshop results smoke and props and tips for smoke machines

Today some of the results from the workshop “smoke and props” with Esther. This was the first time we used a totally new set painted by our intern Angela.   For the workshops we always try to come up with new ideas and sets and I this time we decided to go for the color red, which is found back in the set, the clothing and of course the props used in the set. As you can also see building […]


I always try to scout my models not only on looks (also pretty important) but also on the ability to express themselves, both in their poses but also in their facial expressions of course. Having a very good expression in a shot, which actually can be very subtle, can literally make your image go from boring to WOW.   Now this next example is a bit extreme (:D) but I hope you get the point. It’s not the idea of […]

Finding the right angles

Making a photo work is part of many many elements, light, storytelling, poses, composition, tinting, “retouch” and so much more.
But one of the key elements is also finding the right angles.