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Don’t be afraid of the backlight and meters

Using a meter is something a lot of people act weird about however in essence it's just a measuring tool and it makes work so much easier and faster Take a shot like thisYou can take a few shots to get it the way you want it but isn't it just easier to hold the meter in front of the area you want correctly lit and meter? Now you know the proper exposure for the diffused value so you set […]

It’s all about position

Composition is kingIt's all in the lines We can photoshop that out Which one is not part of the proper photo shoot? Sometimes we are in positions where it's not possible to do everything in camera. We do have to do some post processing. However this is not an excuse to be sloppy. In 90% of the cases you can fix it in camera or at least make the shot less work afterwards. Take for example this shot. Shot on […]

No limits

We suffer the most from what we fear  The biggest limitations are in your head Can’t do it lies on the graveyard next to I won’t  We all know the sayings  And with photography they are as common as can be. If I get a dime (or even a cent) for everytime I hear that someone can’t do something because they don’t have the gear, I would be a Rich man.  In all honesty  Photography is painting with light  It […]

iPhone 8 and wireless charging 

For me the iPhone 8 will be an exciting release. It litteraly is a moment where (for the first time) in a really long time it’s a moment of “stay with iphone” or “leave iPhone” although I already read that the mavic dji software runs best on iOS so maybe I’ll be forced into the iPhone after all.  Any way.  That’s not the topic.  It’s almost a fact the new iPhone will use wireless charging. And I wonder what you’re […]