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Guestblog : John Stuart

Today in our guestblog series : John Stuart, about something that’s incredibly important….   How to Help Clients Pose Less Awkwardly Helping subjects feel more comfortable and less awkward in front of the camera is not always easy. Whether they are models or non-models, everyone gets camera-shy every now and then. This can easily spoil the pictures as the tense and stiff posture of the subject comes across as unnatural and awkward. Fortunately, there are ways to help people relax […]

Sony A7RIII first quick look

I love new gear…. I’m always looking forward to testing new hard and software, but I also always have high expectations. And let’s be honest nobody wants to wait 4 years for just a small bump in specs and speed right?   I have to add to this review that I only got the camera for 2 days to test. My own version will follow as soon as possible I hope but this review is based on those two days. […]

YouTube…. watch out….

I’m a huge YouTube fan. I love to watch but most of all I love to create new exciting and interesting stuff for you guys, the community. The main platform at the moment is of course YouTube. However a lot is going on. Because it’s the largest platform everyone loves to earn some money, often over the back of others. YouTube has an option to earn money on videos, don’t think to much about it by the way, I’m happy […]

Shot on…….

Smartphones are getting better and better. For me the most important deciding factor when buying a smartphone is the screen (especially lightoutput for when outside and flying the drone) and the camera.   A while ago I switched to the Samsung Note 8 after using an iPhone for many years. Of course I was testing the video and photo functions a lot during the first period. Now I have to be honest I’m not someone that will claim that a […]