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A quick tip about light and the car

You must have at one point heard the expression : “always carry your camera because it’s so fricking difficult to make a picture when you don’t have it” And this is 100% true. Even when we travel I always have my camera close by and I make no joke when I tell you that some of the most interesting shots were actually taken through the windshield of our car, it’s a totally different view than you’re actually used to, and […]

A new kind of BTS video

Today a new sort of BTS video. Annewiek always films some behind the scenes material during the location workshops and edits them into small BTS videos for you guys to watch later via our YouTube channel. We decided however that although they are fun to watch it would be nicer if they would also give some information about the gear I’m using on location and some background information on the shoot, model etc. and who knows what more in the […]

Kevin at PSW Plus tip on sunglasses

During PhotoShopWorld my schedule is always busy but one of the things I always make time for is demoing for Expoimaging, as you all know I absolutely love their flashbenders so demoing them is always a blast.     During the demos we always work with a cool model but sometimes you can find even cooler models straight in front of you, and although Kevin (yeah he actually works for Expoimaging) at first didn’t want to be a model, the next […]

About Sony

I’ve been doubting if I should write this blogpost, but I decided to do it anyway. Let me make one thing 100% clear, I don’t work for Sony. I use their cameras and that’s about it, at the moment I’m not even in their ambassadors program, so there is no “getting paid” to write reviews or what I’m doing today. However I think the following post can be of major importance for a lot of people to link to, so […]