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Images from the Irix lens review

Earlier this week you probably saw our video of the Irix lens. If not….here it is   For you guys not speaking Dutch… (the video was recorded for a Dutch company), I was pretty impressed with the lens and the quality of the shots were very good. If they ever release a Sony version I will probably buy it for myself 😀 Today some of the images we shot during the video.

Tip : lines and angles and the thought process. 

Whenever I do a shoot I always follow a certain think process.   1. What’s the story I want to tell 2. Which lighting do I use, do I want the model to jump out or do I want the model and the back ground work together 3. What Will be the pose and the expression 4. Where do I want the shadows, by coaching the model correctly you can get the shadows exactly where you want 5. What angle […]

Some new images in my “The Portrait project”

Today a few more images in my “the Portrait project” In this project I try to shoot interesting characters/people with limited means, mostly natural light, lime cubes, flashlights, iPhone etc. are allowed and in “emergency” situations a small strobe, but overall the idea is to just ask someone and shoot the portrait spontaneous and fast.   The reason I started this project was that a lot of the attendees to my workshops often have the same question “how do you […]

Some new images from Nadine

Today some new images shot during a workshop about creativity and styling with Nadine. Lighting was mostly done with a mix of constant lighting (LedGo fresnels) and our Elinchrom Strobes. By mixing these two light sources I can create some nice color effects when I use the modeling lights.   When you use the continuous lighting the color temp is app the same as a strobe, however you can always also use strobes as continuos lighting by using only the […]