Category : Visions and technique

Using the meter for balance. 

I love using a lightmeter. Not because it’s cool, but because it simply makes my life a lot easier and it doesn’t make me look like an amateur that’s just guessing my exposure.  Now a lot of people think a lightmeter is difficult to use. But in essence it’s pretty simple. Just hold it in front of the area you want correctly lit and voila you have your exposure. (Don’t point towards anything, it’s an incident meter so hold it […]

Use the unexpected “angles”

Of course you need the model in front, right? You don’t want the model covered, right? The model has to be the most visible in shot, right? Well not always  It can be incredibly “cool” to have a model actually behind something. Especially when the model is wearing clothes that make her/him jump out from the area. Add some nice leading lines and you get a nicely balanced photo where not only the model takes the attention but actually share […]

Strobes in a different way

Using strobes doesn’t always mean you have to see that strobes are used.  As you can (not) see in this shot I used the strobe in a different way. The whole look of the shot is based on the available light, meaning an overexposed sky to get the exposure on Nadine’s face correctly. The strobes were actually placed next to nadine and was aimed directly at my lens. This gives as lens flare effect which mimics the idea of the […]

Low angles 

Shooting in a crowded location? Always frustated with people in the shot? Sit down and put your model on a slightly higher location and now your model is really standing out from the crowd. Add a little bit of light on the model and voila 😉