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The Apple situation

I have blogged about it before, but after last night I do feel the need to update my feelings, not that it will change anything. A few years ago I always loved to be in sync with the keynote, there was always something exciting and the terms awesome were always pretty much spot on, although some other people believed Apple was being arogant I in all honesty was of the opinion that if you’re cutting edge you can be…. unless […]

Quick tip

We all know the internet right? A place where everyone has their own voice or can say what they want. But also a place where you can find back a lot about people.  So the next time someone posts that they can’t learn anything from you, your work sucks, your photography or video is bad….. Just look at what they have on their facebook or website. I think you often feel a lot better about yourself ­čśë Just saying. 

My mouse advise

Loads of people have asked me about my favorite unit device recently. Probably due to the fact I switched platforms.┬áLet me start of by saying I’m pretty confident with a trackpad although the one on the MacBook pros and in slightly lesser way the one on my dell xps15 are “perfect” I tried a lot of other laptops and they were (for me coming from Apple) horrible.┬áBecause I do a lot of editing I wanted a great mouse and actually […]

Dji spark

What’s your take on the #dji #spark ?I’ve seen some incredible videos from this little wonder. Most of all however I’m thinking about the future.  A year ago I could not imagine bringing my drone everywhere. Now with the mavic I can’t imagine not bringing my drone. And now with the spark….. oh my.  Also the price point is incredible at $499 (http://amzn.to/2qwXX8z)  Image quality from what I’ve seen online is great, and in all honesty for most people 1080p […]