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Macphun updates Luminar for the Touchbar and a small review

Ok it’s no secret I’m no fan of the new MacBookPro series. But it’s still very cool to see what happens with the new “magic touchbar” One plugin that recently changed my workflow (after some adjust time) is Luminar from MacPhun (and from today they support that touch bar). It was labeled as a Lightroom/Aperture alternative… and in all honesty I think that’s a wrong label, and also one of the reasons why in the beta stages I was not […]

A prop can go a long way 

Often models that start out can have trouble finding the right poses, the right expression and sometimes literally can look lost in front of a camera.  A very simple trick is however easy to do for most photographers. Just give them a camera. You probably have one or two laying around.  And it doesn’t just help the model. If you (like many) always struggle with what the hands should do….. well this is an easy way to know. We all […]

Always deliver more than they expect 

When they asked me to shoot at a local Delorean meeting they were a bit hesitant when I asked them if I could bring a model and a smoke machine.  They probably expect me to bring a model in bikini that would be moving on the hood of the car like a cat in you know what.  So it was actually hard to get one of the owners to lend us his/her car. However as soon as we started shooting…. […]

The switch…. apple to windows…. well ok not that dramatic

I think this will be the first post in a series, if you guys like it that is. After the announcement from Apple about the new MacBookPro’s, the discontinuing of their displays (which might hint at an end to the iMac, I hope I’m wrong) and the fact they stop producing airports I’m feeling pretty worried about where Apple goes for the pros, I’m not repeating everything I wrote before, please read those articles here, here, and here  So the reality […]