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MUST READ when updating to Windows Creators update and 4K monitors

Just a very quick but vital tip. If you update windows to the new Creators update and you own a 4K (HDR capable monitor) you have to be aware of the fact that Windows will recognize this monitor as HDR capabile and will set this up as a HDR monitor. This means your monitor will look VERY washed out and colorless, this is of course logical due to the other gamma curve and colorspace connected to HDR/UHD. The option can […]

Being creative with light

Now when you are shooting images you’re probably always thinking… what can I let my model do, what background, what lens etc. but often people forget that you can also do some creative things with your light sources. Take for example a ring light. In this case a Ledgo unit. You can use it the way it was designed. But you can of course also do something else with it…   So the next time you’re working out ideas for […]

Why limit yourself to one color

When shooting with colored gels the effects can be absolutely awesome, but why limit yourself to just one color? Or maybe even more…. Your own creativity is the only limit when you work with colors and lights. In this case I used two sheets of colored gels and placed them between the model and the light source. It’s very easy to do and you can create some interesting patterns.

For the creators…..

Today Apple announced that they will bring exciting new desktops, including an iMac pro. But also the MacPro will be revamped into a super modular machine, external CPUs, external GPUs etc. But…. is Apple too late?   I don’t know if you noticed but the battle is on for the creators. Microsoft is calling their next incarnation of Windows 10 the creators update…now as an creator myself that gives me goosebumps (hey I can’t help myself), but when you look […]