Category : Visions and technique

Portraits with a snoot

I love focussed light and one of the modifiers I really advise you to experiment with is the snoot. These shots were done with the Elinchrom snoot with a grid attached to make the beam of light really narrow. Do make sure you adjust the styling of the model a bit too the very narrow beam of light, in this case I loved the red and the dark shirt, for me it really made a stark contrast in the shot. […]

Location, location, location

We all know the expression “location, location, location” Now a lot of people think this means that the location is the most important part of a shot…. and although it CAN be, in most cases it’s all about your subject. Now I strongly believe that a shot in the studio can be great but a shot in a location can be more powerful, IF you let that location work with you in the shot. Now a lot of people also […]

Using light differently

We all know how to light a model right? Just place the light and…. well the model is lit. But sometimes it’s also really cool to use light a totally different way. One of the most powerful tricks is of course feathering the light where we don’t aim the light directly at the model but actually use the sides of the light to light the model, this gives you a much softer quality of light but also a nicer and […]

Creating more than just a background light

We all love to place our model against a beautiful backdrop. Personally I love the walls we have in our studio or the amazing new Lastolite panoramic backdrops. But how do you light this? Do you just throw some light on it…… or do you go one step further. During the workshop classical lighting I always work with flags. Flags are used to prevent lensflare but can also be used to shape the light. In the shots in this blogpost […]