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Styling is one of those things I love to talk about. And the reason is very simple…..it just completes the shot. In this shot you can see that it’s the combination of patterns, accessories but also lighting and expression of the model that makes the shot. See how the colors come back in the clothing and accessories and how the ones pose enhances the lines for example. But there is more. Imagine it with jeans and you see what I […]


Today some images from our male model Ian. Want to see how they were shot? Check out https://youtu.be/vodruWV1peY?list=PL7gTRCoaH0991AtQqTwris4fpvVLWtYCp      

Black on black

A quick tip Often people struggle with black outfits against a black background. In essence it's not really that hard. First off, to make sure there is no light hitting the background make sure you meter the background app 5 stops lower than your main light (reflective). If that doesn't work chance the distance between the model and the strobe (inverse square law, light falls off over a distance) move it closer to the model and keep the distance to […]

Guest blog : George Minton

What To Consider Before Posting A Video On Youtube Today a guest blog about YouTube by George Minton. I’m sure you will get some tips from this one.   Search engine optimization is now one of the most critical activities on the internet. There are numerous articles on pagerank and linking et al. There are several different types of media that require SEO but this one specifically gives Tips on Video Search Engine Optimisation VSEO. So you have video content […]