Category : Visions and technique

Tip about using gels

Gels are awesome to play with and really spice a shot up. Often people think you need to use two gels to achieve the effect you see here. In fact you don’t If you use for example a strong red gel and balance based on the gel in the mix you can actually “fake” the idea that you used two gels. Remember that color is nothing more than a balance or calibration. Use your gels smart and you can create […]

Tip the power of expression

Often we focus a lot on styling, pose, lighting and more but forget one of the most important things that make a great shot………expression. And I don’t mean shouting, no…. much more subtle. Just the eyes for example. Add some makeup that really draw the attention to the eyes, some very focused light and see the magic happen.

Tip: Get that sun

One of the things I always love to do is shoot the sun in the frame. Sometimes just somewhere in the frame. But often I get more satisfaction by placing it for example just behind the model and letting it just shine through creating some cool effects. Of course you can do the same with strobes. Feel free to share your favorite sun in the frame images.

iPhone x

Ok so the iPhone x has been released what are your thoughts? Let me share mine. I’ve been critical to Apple ever since the mbp. Since than my Apple Watch has been switched and even my Macpro and iPad are replaced. The reasons….. very simple. Where Apple always was first and best it’s now the best in build quality and probably experience but it’s running behind on things that are already available with the competition. So what are my thoughts. […]