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iPad pro, Surface Pro4, Wacom Cintiq… which one…..

A while ago I posted a video online where I showed an app called Astropad. This app is pretty awesome, it makes it possible to do some retouching in Photoshop/Lightroom etc. on your iPad pro with the Apple Pencil, and it works pretty well, although it has limitations (later more). This video got an amazing amount of views, actually it’s nearing the 180.000 views on YouTube. It also got some remarks which literally puzzled me but also motivated me to […]

Low or high angles ROCK

It’s all in the angles boys and girls… Well not really, but they are very important. Most of us start out by shooting images from the eyes perspective, pretty obvious because it’s how we see the world, no matter if you are vertically challenged, or tall like me we all see the world from our own perspective, so when we see images that way the “impact” can be much less than it would be if the photographer would have chosen […]

Mixing ambient/available with strobes

A situation most photographers encounter many times is mixing ambient/available light with strobes. There is however a pretty simple rule you can always use to remember how to influence the look of a scene. Shutter speed controls the available light Aperture is the flash ISO stays the same If you change the ISO you have to change the aperture (because this is fixed pulse from the strobe). By changing the shutter speed you can let in more or less ambient/available […]

Because black and white can be stunning

During the editing process of images it’s always a hard choice for me to go for BW or color… So most of the times I just select BW and often love what I see, but then I go back to color…. well and I also love what I see. Some images however are “born” to be BW, like the image on top from Danique. The other two images I’m still in doubt about, but hey we live in the digital […]