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Images from the Irix lens review

Earlier this week you probably saw our video of the Irix lens. If not….here it is   For you guys not speaking Dutch… (the video was recorded for a Dutch company), I was pretty impressed with the lens and the quality of the shots were very good. If they ever release a Sony version I will probably buy it for myself 😀 Today some of the images we shot during the video.

Z30 SP xDrive for the traveling photographer

Some things look great on paper but are terrible in real life. Some things can be solved. According to some the iPad/iPhone etc. are closed of systems where you always need iTunes to sync or put stuff on your device, and although indeed this was always true in the past there are many solutions now a days that work like a charm, for example I use mostly “preview” to get images and videos off my iOS device, or (if there […]

A 100MP Workshop and review

One of the things that I really love to do is test new gear…. Often it does mean that I have to keep my mouth shut for a long time (sometimes short) but being able to work with gear in beta is very exciting, especially when you can still have input. One of the companies I’ve worked with in the past is Mamiya/Leaf now part of Phase One, I always loved their backs and when they released their brand new […]

MIOPS camera triggering system

Do we need remote triggers? With modern day cameras there are so many options that one would think no… but do read on you might be surprised….   You guys know that my reviews are always a bit different, I don’t really like to just sum up some specs and add a link to them, to be honest you can find that on the manufacturers website :D, I always like to give you my personal opinion about a product, so […]