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Very quick impression vivoactiveHR

If you have been following my vlog and social media it’s no secret I love trackers and devices that help out with health, excersizes etc.  When the Apple Watch was released I had very high hopes that it would be the perfect activity tracker. And Apple also was going full force on health. But in all honesty coming from trackers like Fitbit and suunto the Apple Watch failed miserably.  Now don’t get me wrong. I love the Apple Watch as […]

First impressions Sony A9

Ok I know some of you have been waiting for this so I decided to upload this quick review as fast as possible. We actually just got the A9 in so these are my first impressions without shooting an image…. you might think “what the heck Frank… why?” but read on and you will find out very quickly why I wanted to do this.   Don’t get we wrong, I absolutely love my A7RII and I’m not planning on replacing […]

My mouse advise

Loads of people have asked me about my favorite unit device recently. Probably due to the fact I switched platforms.┬áLet me start of by saying I’m pretty confident with a trackpad although the one on the MacBook pros and in slightly lesser way the one on my dell xps15 are “perfect” I tried a lot of other laptops and they were (for me coming from Apple) horrible.┬áBecause I do a lot of editing I wanted a great mouse and actually […]

Review of the Drobo 5c the ideal working solution

As modern day photographers/creators etc. we always have the need for more space to store all our creations. You can of course opt for external drives and just keep stacking them, but that’s a solution that will be a huge problem very quickly, not only money wise, but also how to keep track of everything and how to keep everything “healthy”, just storing a harddrive somewhere doesn’t mean it will also keep your data healthy. So most studios work with […]