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First series edited on the iPad Pro

When new devices appear it’s always a challenge to find a way to use them just as easy/fast as your known devices. Normally all my editing is done on my Mac with a mix of Capture One, Photoshop, Lightroom and plugins like DxO filmpack, MacPhun and Alien skin, this is the workflow I know by heart and I can work very fast and accurate with these tools. One of the challenges I set myself to see how far I could […]

Products of the year

As usual at the end of the year I show you a small list of the products that really caught my attention.   Let’s start with the most obvious one: Sony A7RII Some cameras are updated on a yearly basis, some on 3-4-5 years and Sony… well does it all very quickly, now one would expect that the upgrade would be minor but nothing was less true. The A7RII rocketed the A7R towards perfection. New sensor technology, great image quality, […]

iPad pro workflows for professionals…

On November 11th I ordered my iPad pro and Apple Pencil. The Pencil took another week to be delivered and we are now app 3 weeks later and I think it’s time for an update on how I use the iPad pro and what I think of it as a professional tool. Let me start by saying that if Apple didn’t also release the Pencil I would have not bought the iPad pro for the simple reason, it’s just a bigger […]

iPad pro vs Surface pro …. oh no

Let me start of by saying that I always believe that everyone is right… Now what do I mean with this? Everyone has a different workflow, everyone has different skills, everyone has different needs and that’s ok, so whatever I will say in this blogpost is actually aimed at me, and maybe at you…. But one thing…. please read the WHOLE blogpost before you start a discussion because I think it will make a lot of stuff clearer 😀   […]