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About Sony

I’ve been doubting if I should write this blogpost, but I decided to do it anyway. Let me make one thing 100% clear, I don’t work for Sony. I use their cameras and that’s about it, at the moment I’m not even in their ambassadors program, so there is no “getting paid” to write reviews or what I’m doing today. However I think the following post can be of major importance for a lot of people to link to, so […]

Sony A7RII review Part III

In todays part of the review series on the Sony A7RII the simple question…. Do we still need HDR?   The answer you may give yourself, but let me first tell you my opinion. When I shot with Canon I often shot HDR in difficult situations (lighting wise), always 2,1,0,1,2 and I edited those with mostly NIK, when I switched to Sony I found that I actually didn’t need the HDR shots anymore, there is so much detail recoverable in […]

Sony A7RII a first look Part II

Today part II in my review on the new Sony A7RII.   The first time I really pushed the Sony A7RII was actually the first day we were in San Francisco. During that day we visited several areas that are perfect for street photography. For me street photography is something I really love to do but also demands a lot from the camera I use, so let me tell you how the A7RII performed during the day.   I will […]

Sony A7RII part I

Sony A7RII a first look   This is the first blog post in a series I will be doing on the new Sony A7RII camera. I got the camera a few days before the release and was able to work with it to write the review, the problem was is that we didn’t had any model shoots planned due to the trip to San Francisco and PhotoShopWorld, but don’t worry. In this first part I’ll give you my opinion and […]