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Review of the Drobo 5c the ideal working solution

As modern day photographers/creators etc. we always have the need for more space to store all our creations. You can of course opt for external drives and just keep stacking them, but that’s a solution that will be a huge problem very quickly, not only money wise, but also how to keep track of everything and how to keep everything “healthy”, just storing a harddrive somewhere doesn’t mean it will also keep your data healthy. So most studios work with […]

First impressions of the DJI mavic

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (if you are interested in drones that is) you must have heard about the new DJI mavic pro. A very small drone that you can fold up and that is supposed to be rock solid with video/photography and flight. It’s jampacked with special features including anti collision sensors in the front and bottom, several follow/cine etc. modes, a sport modes and…… much much more, it doesn’t make sense to repeat the flyer in […]

Quick first impressions Zhiyun crane 

Ok so yesterday we got our #Zhiyun Crane in. I wanted a more stable video quality for the vlog and our other videos without breaking the bank (too much) or carrying around a large or heavy device.  I already own a glidecam which in all honesty I love and used but it’s heavy and balancing it was more difficult than the new gimble. Also I could film pretty well with it but others had more issues and seeing I’m mostly […]

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro in depth review Part I

An Apple fanboy taking the jump for creative freedom on a device that does what he wants… but it’s not an Apple…. it’s actually a lot better.   Ok yesterday I picked up my Mobile Studio Pro 16 from Wacom. I opted for the fastest version with i7, 16GB, 512SSD and of course 4K screen. Let’s take a quick look in short about my thoughts before you watch the video. Why? Very simple. Apple dropped the ball and keeps dropping […]