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Note 8 after a minute hands on review, Android from an Apple Fanboy’s perspective….

images from internet   It’s an exciting time for many of us… well I know it’s for me. Finally after years of delivering great phones but sticking to a “standard” design, Apple is releasing the iPhone 8 and just a few days ago Samsung released the Note8. Now a few years ago I couldn’t really care less about what Samsung, LG, Google or whatever was doing… well let me say it differently, I loved seeing it but I was just […]

Tip for travelers

Tip for travelersAlways wondered where you took that killer shot to share the location with your friends? On some cameras there is an option to use gps coordinates but not an all cameras. In fact I had it on my a99 and really miss it on the a7r series. For some years I've been using apps like rambler etc but never really liked using my phone for it. Yes it worked but battery life was much less plus the app […]

Very quick impression vivoactiveHR

If you have been following my vlog and social media it’s no secret I love trackers and devices that help out with health, excersizes etc.  When the Apple Watch was released I had very high hopes that it would be the perfect activity tracker. And Apple also was going full force on health. But in all honesty coming from trackers like Fitbit and suunto the Apple Watch failed miserably.  Now don’t get me wrong. I love the Apple Watch as […]

First impressions Sony A9

Ok I know some of you have been waiting for this so I decided to upload this quick review as fast as possible. We actually just got the A9 in so these are my first impressions without shooting an image…. you might think “what the heck Frank… why?” but read on and you will find out very quickly why I wanted to do this.   Don’t get we wrong, I absolutely love my A7RII and I’m not planning on replacing […]