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First impressions of the DJI mavic

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (if you are interested in drones that is) you must have heard about the new DJI mavic pro. A very small drone that you can fold up and that is supposed to be rock solid with video/photography and flight. It’s jampacked with special features including anti collision sensors in the front and bottom, several follow/cine etc. modes, a sport modes and…… much much more, it doesn’t make sense to repeat the flyer in […]

Quick first impressions Zhiyun crane 

Ok so yesterday we got our #Zhiyun Crane in. I wanted a more stable video quality for the vlog and our other videos without breaking the bank (too much) or carrying around a large or heavy device.  I already own a glidecam which in all honesty I love and used but it’s heavy and balancing it was more difficult than the new gimble. Also I could film pretty well with it but others had more issues and seeing I’m mostly […]

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro in depth review Part I

An Apple fanboy taking the jump for creative freedom on a device that does what he wants… but it’s not an Apple…. it’s actually a lot better.   Ok yesterday I picked up my Mobile Studio Pro 16 from Wacom. I opted for the fastest version with i7, 16GB, 512SSD and of course 4K screen. Let’s take a quick look in short about my thoughts before you watch the video. Why? Very simple. Apple dropped the ball and keeps dropping […]

Macphun updates Luminar for the Touchbar and a small review

Ok it’s no secret I’m no fan of the new MacBookPro series. But it’s still very cool to see what happens with the new “magic touchbar” One plugin that recently changed my workflow (after some adjust time) is Luminar from MacPhun (and from today they support that touch bar). It was labeled as a Lightroom/Aperture alternative… and in all honesty I think that’s a wrong label, and also one of the reasons why in the beta stages I was not […]