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Exciting new community

EXCITING NEWS…. You know we are always trying to give you guys something new and cool to progress you’re learning experience…. Today we added a new chapter. Today we launch a brand new Email Community. What is an Email Community? Well it’s actually pretty simple. You subscribe to www.frankdoorhof.com/email and you become a member of the “Learning with Frank” Email community. On a regular basis you will receive updates on things that caught my eye between the updates, being: news […]

Super discounts on all my videos. 

May 6th has arrived. And that’s my birthday  I love giving you guys something special today as a gift from me to you for all the support we get from you.  Head over to http://www.frankdoorhof.com/videos  And use discount code “birthday” and get 25% off on all my instructional videos 😉

Happy holidays

We from the team at Learning with Frank would like to wish you all great holidays and an inspiring 2017. 2016 has been a weird year with many ups and downs but also a year with much progress in what we want to achieve with our online presence. And it seems you guys love it seeing all the great interaction we get. For 2017 we promise to make it even more interesting 😀 But we need your help, subscribe to […]

Digital Classroom continues to 2018

We just got great news about digital classroom BenQ is one of the supporters of digital classroom and they just let me know that they will extend their support for digital classroom to at least 2018, which is great news and also a bit unexpected because normally we would get this news somewhere in April. By renewing this fast it means they are behind Digital Classroom for 100%…. great way to start the day 😀   This also opens up […]