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Images open house

Today some images shot during our open house on April 30th Many thanks to Leon for shooting them. You ROCK ! 😀 Many thanks to : Brian, Annewiek, Menno, Lisselote, Bart for helping me out. Model and styling : Nadine    

Watsonville (Santa Cruz USA) here we come for an intense workshop

On July 15th we will be in Watsonville, Santa Cruz USA for an intense small group workshop with our friends from Rogue. This will be a jam-packed day with loads of information on using small flash on location, both inside and outside. Due to the small group there is a lot of time for questions and interaction, and of course you also get to shoot yourself. Although the gear used that day will be speed lights, the techniques are of […]

Tethertools Rapidmount SLX

We got a great new product from Tethertools in our assortment. You can order it via http://www.frankdoorhof.com/store The new RapidMount product line from Tether Tools will change the way you use light on your next shoot! As a photographer you know that when you’re assessing and crafting the method of lighting a shoot, the more options you have the better. These innovative lighting tools from Tether Tools give you the ability to capture your shots the way you envision them. […]

a CRAZY Macphun offer

MacPhun craziest offer ever….XXL It’s no secret I love Macphun products… Over the last few years they have almost replaced all my other plugins, for example intensify is on almost 90% of my shots (to give it that extra pop), and I also love their BW convertor Tonality and there is LOADS more……but their new limited time bundle even makes me speechless….. If you don’t already own the creative suite, now is the time. Heck even if you don’t own […]