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Congrats Annewiek (and Frank)

Today is a VERY special day….. First of all it’s the first day we are in San Fransisco (we just arrived), but also because today…… drumroll….. is our anniversary. July 7th 1997 at 19:07 Annewiek and I got married (yeah). Some people live together and sometimes wish for a weekend without the “ball and chain” and don’t get me wrong that’s ok by me. But for me marrying Annewiek was making a bond with my soulmate, we always try to travel […]

Santa Cruz workshop, only 2 seats left…

Today we are actually in Germany….. “Hallo” that’s german (and Dutch btw) I’m teaching a workshop on location in a beautiful castle (part of our castle tour in Europe), and as you know teaching on location is the most challenging and also most awesome thing to do for me, I love the interaction with the group, every location has different challenges, every group has different questions… in short EVERY single workshop is different. Now on July 15th I’m teaching a […]

Santa Cruz here we come….

Teaching workshops on location is one of the most challenging and exciting things, not only for me but also for the attendees of these workshops. On July 15th I’ll be visiting Santa Cruz for a one day workshop in cooperation with our friends of Expoimaging with the theme “The magic of the small flash”. In this workshop I’ll teach the group a lot of techniques for the use of speed lights in many different situations ranging from inside to outside, […]

Support us on Patreon

NEWS : Learning with Frank Doorhof on Patreon. We know you guys love the videos we release and our activity on social media. Now we love to give you everything for free (except of course our full length instructional videos) but producing everything is a lot of work and we see that we are producing more and more and in all honesty we want to do even more. But at the moment we are at a point where we have […]