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Break the 1/125 rule with Sony now….

You all probably saw my review from the new Elinchrom Skyport and HS heads by now I hope, an amazing system and I can’t wait for the Sony version to be released. But…. if you’re like me and don’t want to wait for the Sony version and want to play with the creative options right now there is another solution that does almost the same. I have to say it’s not as versatile as the skyport and it will only […]

Elinchrom HS system first tests

You probably already read some things about it, but Elinchrom recently released their new Skyport and that introduces a whole new way of shooting images outside (and inside). In case you didn’t let’s quickly tell you “all about it”   Skyport The skyport is the system for triggering Elinchrom strobes (and they also have an universal version of course), main advantage of the system is that you can also change the output of your strobes and turn on/off the modeling […]

New instructional video MTM 2 On location

New Mastering the model shoot instructional video : OUT NOW !!!! Today sees the release of the second video in the “Mastering the model shoot” series, Video 2 : On location. Working on location is one of the most challenging things a photographer can face, but also one of the most exciting and of course it can give you great portfolio results, but there can also go so much wrong. In more than 100 minutes you travel with me, Nadine, […]

Digital classroom first “test” broadcast

We are working on something completely new. On the 27th of May we will be doing a first “test” broadcast live from our studio in our “Digital classroom” series.   The idea behind the digital classroom is that a lot of people love our BTS and seminar videos but might not always be able to visit the workshops but do want some more information than we can give in the videos. That’s where the digital classroom comes in, this is […]