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May 22-23 Ultimate workshop weekend the Netherlands

One of the things I love the most is teaching workshops, inspiring people and working with cool themes is of course the best thing in the world (well at least for me).


Normally the workshops are full days in which I can cover quite some ground, but there is always more…
That’s where the Ultimate workshop weekends come in.
In 2 days (and an evening) I’ll walk you through every aspect of a successful photoshoot and share business and retouch/workflow tips. And during these weekends we really dive in deep into the technical part, retouching etc. This is the perfect workshop for both medium and high level photographers.


The groups of the ultimate workshop weekends are always small to give all participants a real 1:1 experience.
If you want to join us for the May 22-23th version make sure to surf to INFO AND REGISTRATION PAGE at the moment we have only 2 seats left, so if you want to join us make sure to register and we’ll see you in Emmeloord.


Some of the results from previous ultimate weekends, as you can see we cover all areas of model photography (Styling, different light sources, set building, location work, retouching, business, duo and single shoots, working with smoke, using natural light, posing/coaching the models and much much much more :D)


Nadine February 20 2015 0636

Nadine February 20 2015 0976

Lenaa February 21 2015 2180

Anna Matthea February 14 2015 0810

Linda December 10 - 96 - December 10 2014

Manon  161 - November 22 2014_DxO Edit

Manon  46 - November 22 2014_DxO edit


First samples LiteMotiv from Elinchrom

Today some of the first samples I took with the new Elinchrom LiteMotiv 1.20mtrs.
The LiteMotiv is a new series of modifiers from Elinchrom that give you nice directional light with a “bang”.
I mostly use these kind of modifiers without any inner diffusion to give it an extra “edge” and I must say I LOVE the LiteMotiv 1.20 it replaced my indirect 1.50 octa from Elinchrom almost instantly when it arrived, don’t get me wrong I still love the 1.50 indirect but the LiteMotiv is just a bit more contrasty and that’s what I love about it. I can’t wait for Elinchrom to create maybe even a few smaller ones which I think would be ROCKING for portraits or half bodies.


At the moment the LiteMotiv is available in 1.90mtrs and 1.20mtrs we have both in our studio so expect some samples from the 1.90 soon also, but today some of the 1.20.


Models : Lenaa and Nadine
Styling : Nadine

Workshop  28688

Lenaa April 24 2015   0082

Lenaa April 24 2015   0086

Nadine April 24 2015   0062 1

Nadine en Lenaa April 24 2015   0009

Nadine en Lenaa April 24 2015   0018



Lenaa April 24 2015   0072

First samples from the Elinchrom FS30

There are not many modifiers I’ve waited years for…. but this one was.

Years ago when I did my first demo session for a company called “Fotoflits” on the Professional Imaging in the Netherlands I used a Fresnel spot from Elinchrom. I LOVED the light and the look of the modifier but at that time it was way out of my reach financially. When I finally had saved the money they did not make the Fresnel anymore and getting a good one second hand was almost impossible or they were beat up or too expensive.


Much to my delight they released a new Fresnel called the FS30 during Photokina last year and I was over the moon with it.
Last week the first sample arrived in our studio and I could not wait to start testing it and of course I used it in the workshop the day after with Nadine and Lenaa.


Now what’s so special about a Fresnel?
It’s very hard to explain but it’s a real special kind of light, and one of the main advantages is that you can move the strobe closer or further away from the Fresnel lens and create different kind of light qualities but also different beam sizes. It’s the kind of light you have to work with to really appreciate, but trust me once you did there is no turning back.
Today some first shots I did with the FS30 during the workshop, I will do a video review on the Fresnel in an upcoming Quite Frankly episode in a few weeks.
Models : Lenaa and Nadine.
Styling : Nadine.

Lenaa April 24 2015   0109

Workshop  28779

Nadine April 24 2015   0136


Periscope, the new social media thing or much more….

We all know the problem… there are WAY too many social media platforms at the moment, if you want to be active on all you can’t work anymore or you have to have an ingenious system of crossposting stuff working for you. It seems that every day there is a new “someone” trying to become a millionaire by launching something new that we all HAVE to do, because if we don’t…. well you don’t want to be left behind right?


When Meerkat was released I have to be honest that I did not even look into it, in all honestly I just can’t be excited to see someone (not even my friends) walking their dog, eating a banana or (please don’t) sitting in the restroom reading the newspaper, and let’s be honest most people are using it just for that, and with hashtags that contain the words Fridge and see I’m already over it, or at least I thought.


During Professional Imaging Scott (Kelby) and Terry (White) told me to check out a new app called “Periscope” by Twitter, and I did.
What I will write down now is my PERSONAL experience, my PERSONAL opinion and the way that I’m gonna use it, so if you don’t agree there is no problem at all, it’s just my PERSONAL opinion. That being said let’s look at Periscope.


The app
Periscope is created by Twitter and can be found on the iOs App store, I believe other versions will be released soon (they are working on Android).
The app itself looks very simple (and that’s the way it should be) and works very fast, when you start working with it you are actually up and running in seconds, and that’s what I love about these kind of apps, they should be easy to operate and to understand.