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YouTube…. watch out….

I’m a huge YouTube fan. I love to watch but most of all I love to create new exciting and interesting stuff for you guys, the community. The main platform at the moment is of course YouTube. However a lot is going on. Because it’s the largest platform everyone loves to earn some money, often over the back of others. YouTube has an option to earn money on videos, don’t think to much about it by the way, I’m happy […]

Xrite allround solution

It’s no secret I love a colormanaged workflow. But how do you calibrate your monitor? Well that’s easy. Use an analyzer But how about your camera? Well that’s easy. Use the colorchecker But how about my printer and mobile device….. Well if you want to calibrate everything from a-z there now is a cool solution from x-rite. More info here..

Macphun changes name and promises a lot more

Without a doubt macphun was my go to plugins for enhancements under macos. Hence the name. Now they also have pc versions of their most used suites and a lot more is coming. So it’s time for a name change. Make sure you read the whole story. This is some really exciting news I think. https://macphun.com/blog/macphun-is-becoming-skylum

NIK bought by DxO

We all love and loved NIK but since it was with Google it was all downhill to a point where it was free and no longer supported. But….. Good news https://nikcollection.dxo.com Yes I love DxO and loved NIK and if one company does amazing work with software it’s DxO so let’s hope this will be a magic move.