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iPhone x

Ok so the iPhone x has been released what are your thoughts? Let me share mine. I’ve been critical to Apple ever since the mbp. Since than my Apple Watch has been switched and even my Macpro and iPad are replaced. The reasons….. very simple. Where Apple always was first and best it’s now the best in build quality and probably experience but it’s running behind on things that are already available with the competition. So what are my thoughts. […]

Ultimate weekend 2017

On November 24/25th its time again for the most intense workshop I teach, the “Ultimate Weekend”. A jampacked weekend with everything you want to know about modelphotography. Lighting, mixing lightsources, lighting on location and in the studio, building budget sets, working in tight spaces, using smoke, gels, alternative lightsources, coaching and posing the model, styling, retouching, workflow, calibration, business and social media tips, portraits, duo shoots, movement, lightshapers for powerful images and much much more…. ONLY this week we have […]

Our YouTube channel

In case you aren't already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. During our travels you can see an almost daily vlog with the areas we visit plus some tips (photography and RV related) plus we try to build an active community. In other words you always get an response to your post or question. When we are home you are seeing behind the scenes vlogs during workshops,including the lightsetups and results. But also photography and retouching tips in digital classroom, […]

Black on black

A quick tip Often people struggle with black outfits against a black background. In essence it's not really that hard. First off, to make sure there is no light hitting the background make sure you meter the background app 5 stops lower than your main light (reflective). If that doesn't work chance the distance between the model and the strobe (inverse square law, light falls off over a distance) move it closer to the model and keep the distance to […]