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Digital classroom first “test” broadcast

We are working on something completely new. On the 27th of May we will be doing a first “test” broadcast live from our studio in our “Digital classroom” series.   The idea behind the digital classroom is that a lot of people love our BTS and seminar videos but might not always be able to visit the workshops but do want some more information than we can give in the videos. That’s where the digital classroom comes in, this is […]

May 22-23 Ultimate workshop weekend the Netherlands

One of the things I love the most is teaching workshops, inspiring people and working with cool themes is of course the best thing in the world (well at least for me).   Normally the workshops are full days in which I can cover quite some ground, but there is always more… That’s where the Ultimate workshop weekends come in. In 2 days (and an evening) I’ll walk you through every aspect of a successful photoshoot and share business and […]

First samples LiteMotiv from Elinchrom

Today some of the first samples I took with the new Elinchrom LiteMotiv 1.20mtrs. The LiteMotiv is a new series of modifiers from Elinchrom that give you nice directional light with a “bang”. I mostly use these kind of modifiers without any inner diffusion to give it an extra “edge” and I must say I LOVE the LiteMotiv 1.20 it replaced my indirect 1.50 octa from Elinchrom almost instantly when it arrived, don’t get me wrong I still love the […]

First samples from the Elinchrom FS30

There are not many modifiers I’ve waited years for…. but this one was. Years ago when I did my first demo session for a company called “Fotoflits” on the Professional Imaging in the Netherlands I used a Fresnel spot from Elinchrom. I LOVED the light and the look of the modifier but at that time it was way out of my reach financially. When I finally had saved the money they did not make the Fresnel anymore and getting a […]