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Quite Frankly : Photography tips

You might have noticed it already via our social media channels but we released a brand new videowebpodcast called “Quite Frankly”.


During workshops I share a lot of information including some smaller tips and tricks that can really spice up your shoot, business or photo. Thanks to our buddy Glyn Dewis we got the idea it would make a really cool videowebpodcast including those tips. The idea of the videowebpodcast is that we release at least one tip each week, the tips will range from street/travel, model, sports etc. photography to Photoshop/Lightroom/Plugins but also tips on business/social media etc. can be expected, whatever I think could help a viewer out we will film into a tips episode.


This also means the tips can be filmed anywhere, so expect some cool tips from the streets of New York, or from a rooftop during a photoshoot….


So surf to and subscribe to our channel to not miss out any new episodes (and a lot more of course, there is plenty more there :D

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New instructional video : Live in the UK 2013

With pride I can announce that today sees the release of our new instructional video :
Live in the UK 2013 : One light can be more than enough.

This video is loaded with tips on model photography and was shot on two stunning locations, the glasshouse in Edinburgh and Studley castle in the UK.
Join the group of students in the workshop and see the video in full 1080HD filmed from different angles so you can really see what’s going on.

Topics covered include :
Metering for ambient and flash (Including the tricky spot metering), coaching the model, finding the right location, working with angles, story telling, styling, coaching the model, how clothing can have a huge impact, vintage lenses on modern DSLRs, composition, finding lines and repeating patterns, using the background, dragging the shutter (using the shutter speed to control the ambient) and much much more….

In the video you see me working with just one strobe and ambient light, you will see that in most cases you really don’t need more. Also on the modifiers we kept it really simple this time no big soft boxes (of course) but nice smaller modifiers that really give the image some POP.

When we release a new video it always have to add something to the videos we already have online and trust me… this one will give you enough tips and inspiration to get you going for a long time.

You can now download the video from

Pricing is set on EU 35.00
Run time is app 90 minutes

live in the UK

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BTS video from the Dutch introduction of the Elinchrom ELC strobes

Today a small BTS video we shot during the Dutch press introduction of the new Elinchrom ELC strobes

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Professional Imaging 2014

Oh man this is going to be an exciting month.
First up this weekend we are on the Professional Imaging 2014, after that Photoshop World Atlanta and a few weeks later the New York workshops, so you guys can expect a lot “on the road” type of shots and blog posts. But first things first.

Professional imaging 2014
March 29-30-31 Nijkerk the Netherlands

This is without a doubt my favorite show in the Netherlands, it’s a yearly show and I’ve been a participant for many years now including a speaking gig 2 years ago on the “big stage”. I have great memories connected to this show because it was actually the place where I met Scott Kelby for the first time but also where I always was demoing for Elinchrom on the Fotoflits booth.


Well this year everything is different for us (and the show).
First of all I will not be demoing for Fotoflits anymore, but we will be on our own booth, and it’s a big one so make sure to visit us. I will be demoing the new Elinchrom ELCs there with some crazy styling by Nadine, we will sign the books/DVDs if you have them with you (or you can get them from us). I will also be answering your questions almost non stop but hey… that’s just us.


This year I was also asked to help out with the speakers and do we have some in store for you.
The first names that popped into my head were both good friends of us and in my opinion at the moment the top in their field, and imaging my enthusiasm when both said “yes”, their names ?  well what do you think about Joe McNally and Glyn Dewis? Both will be teaching twice a day in the Adobe theater, Glyn will of course show many Photoshop tips and Joe will do a live demo and seminar every day (and you will see me assisting Joe… oh my), but wait there is more…. on some days there is also a Q&A at the end of the day where you can ask whatever you want.

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Now you can download my presets

You’ve asked for it many times…..
“how do you create that look?”


Well starting today…. you can do it yourself.
For the first time ever I’ve created full preset packages with all the presets I use for Alien Skin Exposure, DxO filmpack and NIK/Google AEP.


Yep you’ve read it correctly, it’s everything, no light versions, or slightly different versions, this is the real deal.


All packages are priced at 7.50 euro and are available for direct download.

DxO FilmPack 4

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May 3rd Workshops in New York

May 3rd I will be teaching a full day workshop in New York in a stunning location with both inside and outside sets, including a roof overlooking New York.
During these workshops we work with smaller groups so there is a lot of time for personal attention and the attendees can ask whatever they want.

Shot during the last Boston workshop

Shot during the last Boston workshop

Some of the topics we always cover are:
metering ambiant and strobes and a mix, finding the story, coaching the model, working with special effects like smoke and colored strobes, finding the perfect pose and expression, adding motion to the shot, creating the mood with light and angles, making something cool out of something that might look just ok, color managed workflow… and much much more.


In short, these workshops are an awesome learning tool where you will learn techniques that are not learned in other workshops, add the fact that the workshop is 100% flexible to fit your questions and needs and you know why I always love teaching these :D


For New York we only have a few more seats left, so don’t wait too long with your booking, it’s gonna be a day you don’t want to miss.
Booking can be done via this page.

The new Elinchrom ELC the game changing strobes

Elinchrom meets a new dimension in lighting
Photographers play with light, but above all we play with time. Actually for me photography is freezing a unique moment that will never happen again in the exact that same way.
In the studio we basically have two ways to use light. The first one is continuous light, the second is with strobes. You can also use both at the same time or mix them. Supporters of continuous light talk about: What you see is what you get.  The strobe supporters say: The power of strobes allows us to create stunning freezing action shots. I’m a supporter of the second group. Don’t get me wrong, I also often work with continuous light, but with continuous light I don’t have the possibility to do a day to night shot with the bright sun, freezing the moment and I cannot play with depth of field (especially creating a deep depth of field) when shooting my medium format camera.


One real disadvantage of strobes is that strobes often have to recharge after every flash, and that can sometimes can take the “flow” out of shoot.

6c540d7cb22d4bb3e9c346418940ccb8Enter the ELC
Elinchrom strobes were already very fast in comparison with most other brands, but now they introduced one of the fastest strobe in the world. This is a new high end strobe  and will catch a lot of attention, not only because of it’s performance, but it will also push photographers to the next level of creativity. It will help  you to create pictures which weren’t possible before due to a load of features you will love and never saw in Elinchrom strobes before. Of course there is a lot of information in the manual and on the specsheets, but let me show you what I think are the biggest advantages of these strobes.


A few months ago Elinchrom send me the ELCs to test. It’s really exciting to test photography gadgets so long before their official release. But sometimes it’s also really really hard because, as you can understand, you canot tell anyone and trust me I’m REALLY enthusiastic about the ELCs.  And to keep it a secret and only share my experiense with a very small group… believe me it was very very hard.  I’m glad we can finally demonstrate the strobes in our workshops, on trade-shows and events.

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What is so special about ELC?
Basically the design of the units is like an ordinary Elinchrom strobe.  Only the 500 and 1000 watt are in the same housings now. This is easier for transport, and it just looks nicer in the studio when mixing strobes. The major difference however, which will make a lot of photographers very happy, is something that has actually nothing to do with the light itself :D


The display
We all know this problem, you have to change something in your setup and…. Whoops where was that thingy again…. Is it this button in combination with that button? If you found it, than you have to search between codes like FB, FX, F1, F2 etc. and after that you have a lot more of menu options. To be honest, I love Elinchrom a lot and I work on a daily basis with it, but I need a cheat sheet when I have to change a setting that I don’t use weekly or monthly. Not a big deal of course, but sometimes in a stress full situation it can be…challenging.
Luckely this is a part of history. The new ELC units have a fantastic menu system. No cryptical desciptions, but a very clear display with full phrases and a great menu structure. In one word AMAZING!


In the menu you’ll find, of course the settings for the sky port, modelling lights, beeps etc…. but you’ll find way more than that. You can change the sound signals itself, the speed of recycling, set standby options, use the strobes in series, adjust the delays, adjust the…….. well let me put it this way……and much more.


I hear you think….. “Hey! I heard some settings that I haven’t seen before.” and yes… the ELC strobes can do a lot more than simple flash to freeze the movement. It will fill way too much space to explain everything, but I will show you some basics, which I use very often.

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