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Sekonic news

You know I love light meters right? Well I’ve been testing a new Sekonic for a while now and can tell you that’s it the “perfect” meter for all you Elinchrom users out there. It doesn’t include a 1 degree spot meter (for that you still need to get the 758) but for the rest it’s one cool meter.   Sekonic LITEMASTER PRO L-478DR-EL/L-478DR-PX Series Additional Radio System of Elinchrom and Phottix Sekonic announced two new light meters compatible with […]

Elinchrom HS system first tests

You probably already read some things about it, but Elinchrom recently released their new Skyport and that introduces a whole new way of shooting images outside (and inside). In case you didn’t let’s quickly tell you “all about it”   Skyport The skyport is the system for triggering Elinchrom strobes (and they also have an universal version of course), main advantage of the system is that you can also change the output of your strobes and turn on/off the modeling […]

A little bit about the light meter

Todays fact : How to make Frank sad…. Sometimes we work together with a company that sells some of our videos, and don’t get me wrong we love those guys and we have had a great relation, so this is not to bash them in any way but it does EXACTLY show what’s “wrong” with photography today. Recently I recorded a new instructional video on the use of the light meter called “Mastering the model shoot : the light meter” […]

MTM : The Light meter in 4K deluxe box

A few weeks ago we released our new video “Mastering the model shoot : The light meter”, a video jam-packed with everything you always wanted to know about the light meter but couldn’t find anywhere else.   You can order the download (29.95) from : http://www.frankdoorhof.com/site/shop-videos-etc/direct-video-downloads/  The 4K keep case (35.00) you can order from our store here.   The video was available as 1080P download from our website (here), but the video itself was filmed in 4K. For people who don’t […]