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Free Photography Tips from Adriana Curcio to Take the Perfect Snap Every Time   A lot of fashion photographers are interested in learning new tips and tricks to improve their photography skills, but most of the advice on the blogs is technical. Sometimes, overly technical and hard to understand.  I decided to dive a bit deeper into the virtual world of fashion photography and find inspiring people who are not only great photographers but also great tutors. Why pro photographers […]

Guest post : Rain photography

I’m still out with the flu, so today a quick guestblog post. If you also want to be featured on the blog as guest feel free to drop us a mail. Today a blogpost on shooting “Rain”.   Rain Photography: Tips and Tricks for Shooting in the Rain by : Gilbert Bermudez       Image Source: Pixabay   A heavy downpour is certainly not a photographer’s idea of a perfect shooting weather. But in some cases, the falling rain […]

Smugmug and online portfolios

SmugMug, Advantages of a good online portfolio   “Why It’s Important to Have a GOOD Online Portfolio” Ask yourself, when was the last time you checked your online portfolio.  Sometimes you get caught up in your work, upcoming shoots or just with life in general.  If you haven’t checked, updated or modified your portfolio in a while, you may want to go and look at it, I try to update my portfolio at least once a week, but my website […]

Guestblog : Rob van Esch Huge spaces

Today I welcome Rob van Esch to my blog. Rob has some amazing shots of “huge” spaces and will show some of his work today, so enjoy….   Capturing Huge Spaces   You probably recognize the feeling. Standing in the middle of an enormous hall, beautifully decorated, a space which is a piece of art of itself. You grab your camera and start pointing. And then? How on earth can one capture that impressive space in one image? I love […]