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Guestblog : John Stuart

Today in our guestblog series : John Stuart, about something that’s incredibly important….   How to Help Clients Pose Less Awkwardly Helping subjects feel more comfortable and less awkward in front of the camera is not always easy. Whether they are models or non-models, everyone gets camera-shy every now and then. This can easily spoil the pictures as the tense and stiff posture of the subject comes across as unnatural and awkward. Fortunately, there are ways to help people relax […]

Guest blog : George Minton

What To Consider Before Posting A Video On Youtube Today a guest blog about YouTube by George Minton. I’m sure you will get some tips from this one.   Search engine optimization is now one of the most critical activities on the internet. There are numerous articles on pagerank and linking et al. There are several different types of media that require SEO but this one specifically gives Tips on Video Search Engine Optimisation VSEO. So you have video content […]

Guestblog Martin Poole

In todays guestblog photographer Martin Poole. Remember that our guestbloggers take time to write something for the blog and for you guys to get an inside in what they use as techniques and gear, please show them the love 😀 Get those questions ready for Martin. Martin, the blog is yours (well for this time) You can find Martin online at :  www.speedlite.com.au  and Insta @speedlitephoto   Working Solo in the real world of fashion. With over two decades of experience […]

Guestblog : Mike Yeh

Every once in a while we have a so called guestblog. Someone that follows my blog and also wants to add something, you’re always free to send stuff over for me/our team to read and if it’s interesting we will put it up in this category. Today the guestblog is by Mike Yeh. So here we go, the blog is yours Mike.   How we “Photograph”- part 1 In today’s world, we cannot help but notice that everyone has some […]