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Fashion in Emmeloord

Locations are always fun, but where do you go for locations?
Often we choose locations far away, desserts, old cities, beaches etc….
But more than once our own towns give us some great locations, just add some styling (by Nadine Stephan), some lights (by Elinchrom :D) and mix it together.


Today “Fashion in Emmeloord” my home town.


Model : Linda Koster
Styling : Nadine Stephan

Linda December 10 - 24 - December 10 2014

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Sometimes you just need to a black and white conversion

Sometimes a series just “screams” for a black and white conversion.
So….. because we shoot digitally we can do that rather quickly :D


Model : Anna Matthea
Dress : Nadine Stephan

Anna-Matthea  129 - December 12 2014 1

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A simple chair

Expression, expression, expression…..
Yeah it’s true, a good model knows expression.
For me it’s one of those things I always pay a lot of attention to when I coach a model (or scout a model).
During the workshop “Fashion and props” Anna Matthea was our model and although she is fairly new I think she really rocked it her……


A very simple light setup, just one gridded softbox (deep octa with honeycomb grid) and a chair almost agains the background, and just let her go….


Model : Anna Matthea
Dress : Nadine Stephan

Anna-Matthea  129 - December 12 2014

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Props to pose with

One of the best things to add to your studio are props a model can pose with, now don’t think about posing stools… there will a market for it but it’s not my thing, I love the more “natural” things.


These metal bars we got from a friend who owns a toy store and I love using them for a few simple reasons.
First of all you can create nice leading lines with them, but they are also awesome to pose the model on, let her play with her poses and the lines and you have almost limitless opportunities. You can of course always stand them up and use them like that, but most of the times I love them on the floor.


Dress : Sinister
Model : Anna Matthea

Anna-Matthea  18 - December 12 2014

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Playing with a mask

This weekend it was time for the workshop “models and props”
In this workshop I use very simple props to spice up the shoot, in these shots we used a basic white mask and let our model (Anna Matthea) play with it.


As you can see, adding the mask really adds some mood to the images, it’s a very small investment but it can boost your session to the next level (if you’re into these kind of things of course…. and have a model that doesn’t mind).


Model : Anna Matthea
Dress : Sinister

Anna-Matthea  60 - December 12 2014

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A cardboard pallet

Sometimes props can be expensive and sometimes very cheap.
I always say “You have to see them, and imagine how to use them”.


It sounds strange but one of the best things you can do as a photographer is train yourself to see possibilities with normal every day things, like this cardboard pallet that came into our store, there was actually a projector on it, normally we throw away the pallet but in this case I kept it to use it in one of the workshops. As you can see you can do some fun stuff with very little investment.


Model : Anna Matthea
Dress : Nadine Stephan

Anna-Matthea  92 - December 12 2014

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The bigger fight

yesterday I heard a very good motto:
“It’s not how big the man is in a fight, it’s how big the fight is inside the man”


This is without a doubt a motto for almost everything but especially photography, often I hear people say “I can never do that”, or “I don’t have the gear for that”, but most of all “You shoot everything correct, I don’t”

Well let me first make a confession…. I shoot just as much junk as all of you, only I probably don’t show it, for me photography is a matter of going on till I get the shot.

Yesterday we did a session in Emmeloord I call “Fashion in Emmeloord” well ok not very creative, the model was surprised we were done in 10 minutes per locations, I told her very simply that if I get the shot I’m after I will continue for a few frames and then try a different angle or composition and continue to the next, there is no need to push through. I will use a maximum of 1-2 shots per location for my own portfolio so why shoot 10 killer shots while I can switch location.

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