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BTS workshop Castle Rosendael

In this video we take you behind the workshop in Castle Rosendael. You can see the light setups, light metering and our workflow. We use gels to get that extra pop. After the video Frank explains which tools he uses to retouch. Of course you see the results. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe!

Ribbons and Ingrid (not safe for work)

Sometimes I have an idea that doesn’t really fit into a workshop or other assignment, and luckily we have models that are also willing to experiment a bit. A while ago Annewiek bought these wide ribbons and ever since I’ve been kicking around with some ideas in my head, now I know this is not the most unique series but the series did trigger some other ideas. So here we go….   Do remember as mentioned in the topic, some […]

behind the closed DOORs July 28 2016

In todays episode we talk about the new tethertools product and Annewiek takes over for a little because…. well I had half a day off.

A special photoshoot

Just before we would leave for PSW (PhotoshopWorld) I got an email from a female DJ (DJ Wong) if I would be willing to do a photoshoot for her while in Vegas. Well I love shooting artists so I said yes, the problem was….. we didn’t have a location, so what do you do?   Indeed… you improvise. The Photoshoot actually took place in our hotel room and I used a mix of natural light and 2 Phottix Mitros+ strobes […]