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Tip mixing light

In the studio we often use strobes or continues lighting (depending on your preference) Most continuous lighting is daylight balanced just like strobes (well approximately). However the modeling lights of your strobes are not. They are in most cases very warm because they are in fact tungsten.  This could go you the impression you can’t mix those two. Well you can of course mix strobes (that fire) with continuous. But why not combine the modeling lights with continuous lighting and […]

Tip : shooting through …..

One can of course always shoot straight at a model, aim light…. fire  But you can get some really cool effects when you shoot through something. In this case I used a chandelier, actually the light we used was also mainly the chandelier.  Did you do something funky? With shooting through materials or like this shot using things in the foreground for effect. Let us see and share the shots. 

Tip : poses and light

There is a very simple rule in photography…. In my opinion there are no rules.  What works for one model won’t work for another. This is also one of the reasons my standard answer to the question “can you advise a good book with example poses” is “there is no such thing as a standard pose” Some models for example look great shot straight from the front while others really need a more side look/pose. In other words there are […]

Tip: be ready

It’s difficult to make a shot when you don’t have a camera with you….. This is one of the first things I learned when I got into street and travel photography. The other thing I learned was that the best camera is the camera you have with you.  With today’s technology you can get great shots from even your smartphone so there’s hardly an excuses to not come home with some interesting shots.  But the most important thing is… always […]