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iPad pro vs Surface pro …. oh no

Let me start of by saying that I always believe that everyone is right… Now what do I mean with this? Everyone has a different workflow, everyone has different skills, everyone has different needs and that’s ok, so whatever I will say in this blogpost is actually aimed at me, and maybe at you…. But one thing…. please read the WHOLE blogpost before you start a discussion because I think it will make a lot of stuff clearer 😀   […]

A brand new digital classroom tomorrow : topic “Small flash”

Tomorrow we will be streaming a brand new “Digital classroom” from our studio in the Netherlands. This time the topic is “Small flash” In this 2 hour broadcast I’ll guide you through the creative use of speed lights, modifiers, retouching and much much more. So don’t miss it, but if you do… you can always find it on our YouTube channel.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5WrxVh_y3k here is the watch link.

From old to new but in the end it’s all about YOU

People always ask “How did you start?” I was brought up in a family of photographers and videographers, not professionals but just very enthusiastic people. So it was no surprise I also picked up cameras (both video and photography). But model photography came very late actually, I mostly shot birds, nature and sports.   Being a member of a photo club we had to do a workshop and for different reasons I choose model photography although I never had the […]

How did you do that?

In a new series on the blog I’ll try to show some images including the light setup. Normally you will find all the technical stuff in the instructional videos, my books or digital classroom but I’ll also show some on the blog.   This time a high impact portrait with Nadine. Shot during a workshop with a very simple beauty dish and a wall with wallpaper. You can see the students shooting the same shot. The key is the nice […]