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Story telling part II

Today some more images from the workshop with Ingrid where we combined different light sources, gels, smoke and props to get a more interesting setup, by adding a small prop, in this case a doll, the story telling part is enhanced a lot more for this series. Often getting the story telling part correct in a photoshoot can be the most difficult thing, always remember that everyone can shoot a model in crappy light, getting the light correct will be more […]

Working with masks and story telling

Photography is often described as “Painting with light” and don’t get me wrong, I 100% agree, however there is another thing that I strongly believe is connected to photography (and something I often miss) and that’s story telling. Ever since we as the human race have found ways to express ourselves it’s “always” about telling stories, starting in the caves with the cave drawings all the way up to the golden age with the great painters. However now a days… […]

Tip on creative cool perspective shots : QF Ep 75

In this episode of Quite Frankly a tip on using a totally different perspective to create stunning landscape or city shots, actually the techniques works wonders for many different situations, and everyone can do it….

Behind the closed DOORs August 28 2016 Comicon

In todays episode we visit the comicon in Amsterdam. Join us while we walk around the event, spot some cool cosplay costumes, toys, figurines etc. Includes an interview with the owner of Mintyfresh, an exclusive toy company. Enjoy.