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Successful portraits workshops

One of the workshops I teach is called “Succesvolle portretten” or in English “Successful portraits”. In this workshop I give (as the name suggests) a lot of attention to shooting a portrait. For me a portrait is much more than “just a headshot” although there is a section on the headshot, which of course is a very vital and important part of most successful studios.   The main thing about this workshop is that we don’t work with professional models…. I […]

Digital classroom first “test” broadcast

We are working on something completely new. On the 27th of May we will be doing a first “test” broadcast live from our studio in our “Digital classroom” series.   The idea behind the digital classroom is that a lot of people love our BTS and seminar videos but might not always be able to visit the workshops but do want some more information than we can give in the videos. That’s where the digital classroom comes in, this is […]

Some BW on the car junkyard

During the filming of my new KelbyOne classes I also shot some film, I can’t show the models yet (sorry) but…. today some images I shot in between scenes.   Camera : Leica R Film : Ilford 100 Scanner : Reflecta 5000 Software : Silverfast Film developed at home in the kitchen  

Workshop results smoke and props and tips for smoke machines

Today some of the results from the workshop “smoke and props” with Esther. This was the first time we used a totally new set painted by our intern Angela.   For the workshops we always try to come up with new ideas and sets and I this time we decided to go for the color red, which is found back in the set, the clothing and of course the props used in the set. As you can also see building […]