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Glyn Dewis behind the scenes and the man (interview)

In this episde we follow the one and only Glyn Dewis while he is filming his new full length tutorial in our studio plus you get an exclusive interview between me and Glyn. We also get the new LumeCube accessories in, and a lot more… Skip to the LumeCubes via : https://youtu.be/G3wruDZYRwU?t=2m32s Skip to the interview via : https://youtu.be/G3wruDZYRwU?t=7m42s If you liked this video give it a big thumbs up and subscribe so we can keep on making them. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ […]

Exciting new community

EXCITING NEWS…. You know we are always trying to give you guys something new and cool to progress you’re learning experience…. Today we added a new chapter. Today we launch a brand new Email Community. What is an Email Community? Well it’s actually pretty simple. You subscribe to www.frankdoorhof.com/email and you become a member of the “Learning with Frank” Email community. On a regular basis you will receive updates on things that caught my eye between the updates, being: news […]

The glass exploded and 35 misses BTCD May 21 2017

In todays jam packed episode a photoshoot and catwalk training with 35 (yeah you are reading this correctly 35) miss beauties. PLUS I show you how to create a nice refreshing drink…. which actually ends in dissaster….. If you love our channel leave comments below but most of all hit that like button, tell other people about it and subscribe, it really helps us out.

TIP Solve disconnecting BT devices (mouse) DC May 20 2017

Bluetooth devices are great, but often they also disconnect without any reason….. in this Digitak Classroom tips episode a quick tip to solve this problem. Digital classroom is made possible by BenQ and Rogue.