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Faking a sunset

You know I don’t really like to “cheat” right?
Well actually it’s a little bit handy sometimes.



Let’s say you’re on that stunning location and the sun is already dropping but it will take at least another hour to get that beautiful sunset…. and your family really wants to go, what do you do?
Well you could get into an argument and stay.


But sometimes you can get away with some “trickery”.
If you position yourself behind an object and capture the sun just barely in the frame and underexpose the scene you can very easily in Photoshop add some warmth (in this case I used DxO Filmpack but you can also just change the color temp or use Alien Skin Exposure, Capture One, or whatever tinting solution you like).



It’s not a great or real sunset but at least it gives you a slight bit of that look without loosing the image completely. And the effort in Ps is very minimal.

Urk  (93 of 96) January 14 2015_DxO

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Sometimes it happens that during family shoots you find someone that jumps out and you ask “Did you ever model?”
Most of the times the reaction is “No… do you think I could”, and sometimes “Yeah all the time” and anything in between.


This is how I found Jonathan, just a normal family portrait and a guy with no real camera experience, so I invited him over for a so called “testshoot”, today I share some of the results and I’m sure we are going to be seeing Jonathan more.


Jonathan Hoegen Januari 23 2015  0343 1

Jonathan Hoegen Januari 23 2015  0319

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One of the results from the glamour workshop

Today one of the images I shot from Lenaa during the glamour works a few days ago.

Lenaa  139 - January 17 2015

Black and white vs color and what shadows can do

I love to play with shadows.
But I also love it when shadows start playing a vital role in a shot, it’s something I always try to achieve but sometimes you’re very lucky.


Just a shadow behind the model can go two ways, it can be ugly or it can be nice, I often like it when it follows the contours (shape/curves) of the model, and I don’t like it if it’s just a “black blob”. However when you start really playing with shadows you can sometimes also create something a bit more surreal and story telling, for example is the shadow “helping” Lenaa here?

Lenaa  104 - January 17 2015kNow I did like the color version, but when I converted it to BW I really loved the final result.

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Trailer for Mastering the model shoot : the light meter

This week we released our new video called “Mastering the model shoot : the light meter”
If you did not already downloaded it because you were curious to see what kind of video it is?
Well here is the trailer, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Some images from Manon

Today some of the images I shot with Manon during the filming of the video “Mastering the model shoot : the light meter” our new instructional video.

Manon C1 finals Januari 10 2015 1

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Pink background

During the glamour workshop with Lenaa from last weekend we did a small session with a more “humorist”¬†approach.
Some images might me considered NSFW so watch out before clicking further.


And yes… no horses or models were harmed during the making of this shoot.

Lenaa  52 - January 17 2015

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