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What do you do when your model has contact with you the night before the workshop but still doesn’t show up? Yeah it happens here too, although I have to say that it HARDLY every happens, this was the first time in 5 years a workshop model didn’t show up. The solution, ask your intern to model for you during the workshop, and because Angela actually started as a model in our studio it was not scary but actually quite […]

Some owls and our intern Angela

At the end of every internship we offer our interns a photoshoot. The idea is to give them the experience of what it is to be in front of the camera in our studio, and of course we don’t want to go for standard in those sessions…. some interns go really extreme, some will go more basic, everything goes as long as it’s fun and the end results are… well different. This was the last week for our intern Angela […]

Bad hotel

We love abandoned places, so when we travel we always are on the look out for something cool to shoot. This location we found thanks to one of my followers on social media and we are very happy with it 😀   Now sometimes you wonder why a location has gone under, but in this case…. well it might be that although “bad hotel” in the Netherlands means “Bath hotel” the name was not that smart when taking into account […]

That easy lightbulb again

Every once in a while I will take it out of the closet… my favorite light source to play with… that simple 100W light bulb in the cheapest enclosure I could find. It’s always fun to see the reaction of the attendees of the workshops when they see the possibilities they can have while shooting with a light source most would label as “unusable for some cool shots”.   One of the things you always have to remember when shooting with […]