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A great workshop cosplay and more BTCD Feb 18 2017

In todays episode an explanation about video and sensor sizes and how this works for your video material and Sony. And of course we take you with us during the Cosplay workshop with Poeka. Please subscribe if you like what we do, and spread the word.

Oh I LOVE this light and a special workshop BTCD Feb 17 2017

In todays episode we get a really cool light in the mail, which I show in a small unboxing video and you also get some lighting tips, we have an interview for Konijnenberg concerning Professional imaging, I have to scan some slides and we have a really cool workshop “successful portraits” It’s a jampacked episode…. Oh and we start with a special cinema visit and small film review for John Wick 2… Subscribe to our channel if you like what […]

The magic backgrounds BTCD Feb 16 2017

In this special episode of behind the closed DOORs we take a look at what backgrounds/backdrops you can use in your photography. What can you do with walls, moveable walls, wallpaper and the Lastolite urban backgrounds. I also answer some questions about backdrops, and show you a really cool modifier for lighting backgrounds really evenly. Video for the background smoothing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi8IgwpeCfs&index=59&list=PL7gTRCoaH09_qWXlKw-CncwuPaRa8gx0a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YKb4lZqNNY&index=58&list=PL7gTRCoaH09_qWXlKw-CncwuPaRa8gx0a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvmsaFaUOnw&index=57&list=PL7gTRCoaH09_qWXlKw-CncwuPaRa8gx0a Don’t forget to subscribe

De modellen van de Frank Doorhof workshops: Nadine

Maak kennis met onze modellen! Dit keer stelt Frank een paar vragen zodat je Nadine beter leert kennen. Het gaat over de workshop Matering the model shoot. Maar ook hoe Nadine bij ons begonnen is en wat haar plannen voor de toekomst zijn. Uiteraard met een paar foto’s ertussen.