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Results from the workshop with Claudia

Today in the blog some of the results from the workshop with Claudia. Shot with the Ledgo ringlight. Shot with the new Umbrella from Elinchrom (Deep silver 1.05) And some shots with the 70CM deep octa with honeycomb grid. And finally one with a gridded strip light and a blue gel on the second strobe.

guy in a dress, toilets and more BTCD April 18 2017

In todays episode we travel from Emmeloord to Orlando. You’ll see a cool restroom in Amsterdam, a guy in a dress, some toilet problems on the plane and much much more…. If you like what we do, please subscribe.

Cosplay Workshop BTCD April 15 2017

In todays episode it’s time for the cosplay workshop. Join us in an exciting behind the scenes look during this special workshop with among others Ms and Mr Jessica/Roger Rabbit, some Goddesses fighting in the clouds and some cool Pokemon characters. See the lighting setups, the end results and more. Subscribe to our channel if you like what we do, leave comments below, like and share and help us grow the channel and community

Castle workshop Alden Biesen with Nadine

Today on the blog some of the resuts from the castle workshop in Alden Biesen with Nadine. We shot most with the Elinchrom Ranger RX speed and the Maxilight due to the sun. By using this combination you have a tremendous amout of power (1100Ws) and thanks to the maxilight it isn’t necessary to use this on full power so you get a lot of “pops” out of your battery. Of course you can also shoot this with HS (hi-sync) […]