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Help Portrait Behind the closed DOORs December 3 2016

In todays episode I tell you about Help Portrait and we show you a little bit about what we did during Help Portrait. Join Help Portrait via www.help-portrait.com or if you’re in the Netherlands www.help-portret.nl

A Quick message from everyone helping out with Help Portrait today

Today is a very special day. Today is Help Portrait day. The whole year we are busy earning money with photography but today it’s the time to give back. People that don’t have the opportunity to be able to afford a photograph taken by a professional photographer are welcome today in a lot of studios worldwide where professional photographers give them an unique portrait. Do you also want to join help portrait visit www.help-portrait.com In my opinion everybody should.

Digital Classroom continues to 2018

We just got great news about digital classroom BenQ is one of the supporters of digital classroom and they just let me know that they will extend their support for digital classroom to at least 2018, which is great news and also a bit unexpected because normally we would get this news somewhere in April. By renewing this fast it means they are behind Digital Classroom for 100%…. great way to start the day 😀   This also opens up […]

Macphun updates Luminar for the Touchbar and a small review

Ok it’s no secret I’m no fan of the new MacBookPro series. But it’s still very cool to see what happens with the new “magic touchbar” One plugin that recently changed my workflow (after some adjust time) is Luminar from MacPhun (and from today they support that touch bar). It was labeled as a Lightroom/Aperture alternative… and in all honesty I think that’s a wrong label, and also one of the reasons why in the beta stages I was not […]