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Behind the closed DOORs July 20 2016

This is a fun one 😀 Today we did a lot of things including : Showing some ubercool parking garage things Visiting several comic book stores Visiting the heart attack grill (you HAVE to see this) Listening to Gregory Heisler speak at Photoshop World Midnight Madness at Photoshop World And….. visiting In and Out Burger at 0:15 and you will see something you didn’t expect….. So join me in todays jampacked episode of Behind the closed DOORs

Behind the closed DOORs July 19 2016

In this episode we take you behind the closed DOORs during day 1 of Photoshop World 2016 Las Vegas. You get to see parts of the Keynote, 2 of my classes and the cool nightclub party with some very cool dancemoves 😀

Behind the closed DOORs July 18 2016

Photoshop World Day 0 (the Pre-cons). In this episode a lot of stuff is happening. Photoshop World is not only a conference, but it’s way more, for the instructors it’s also a moment where we meet up with friends again and have loads of fun with each other and the attendees, and of course I take you with me during this Photoshop World, but…. First we take you behind the scenes during a photoshoot in our hotel room with DJ […]

Behind the closed DOORs July 17 2016

This is a jampacked episode with the drive to Las Vegas via… Route 66 where we visit several unique places and of course show you the scenes I love and explain to you how to get there. We also drive through the desert and I even included a timelapse for you guys this time.