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Manon during a workshop

Today some images from Manon which were shot during a studio workshop. See www.photography-workshops.eu for our complete program (Dutch and English)

UK workshops day 1 : Nadine Pt I

Today some of the images we shot with Nadine during the first workshop day in the UK. The topic for this set was shooting strobes to overcome the contrast difference between shadow and sun without that it looks like strobes were used.   Camera : A7r with Leica R glass Model/Styling : Nadine  

UK workshops day 1 : Lenaa Pt I

Today some images from the first set we shot with Lenaa during the UK workshop tour. Location St. Albans.   Model : Lenaa Styling : Nadine  

Final album Sweden

As you all know my main focus is model photography, but when we travel I love to shoot travel and street style images and share them on the blog. Today the final album from our Sweden trip, I hope you liked them.   Click on one of the images for the gallery.