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Tip : shadows

Shadows are the soul of a shot Shadows create depth Shadows give definition Shadows give mood Shadows can be used to cover  Shadows can be used to enhance  As you can see shadows can be incredibly important, so don’t be afraid of them and try to use them in your shots.  I personally love to just place a model against a wall and create interesting shadows that “interact” with the model and pose 🙂

Tip for aimed light 

Aiming Your light is incredibly important and often forgotten due to the use of big softboxes. In this case the staircase was incredibly boring and in the process of being redecorated. However thanks to the grid and strobe I really made the model stand out and draw the attention of the viewer towards the model and the leading lines of the staircase instead of the “junk” which you would normally see. So the next time try to leave that big […]

Tip on wide angles 

Want more power from your shot? Want more dynamics ? Most photographers are somehow hard wired to shoot from eye level towards their subject. However this often will give you a kind of “boring” shot. Now I won’t say that it will always be boring of course 🙂 but let me put it this way, in 99% of the cases it can be more interesting. Take for example this shot Shot during a demo day for Sony. Not the perfect […]

behind the closed DOORs September 27 2016

In todays episode we are setting up a new workflow for digital classroom, we visit CameraNu.nl for a new camera/lens for testing and you get a lightroom tip Enjoy todays episode 😀