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Behind the closed DOORs June 25 2016

In todays episode we take you behind the scenes during the workshop we did in Castle Roosendael with our model/stylist Nadine. See the lightsetups, posing and styling and of course the end results in this extensive episode of behind the closed DOORs.

live on location

today’s workshop location

Behind the closed DOORs June 24 2016

In today’s episode one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you as a photographer….. tips on backup and freeing up harddrive space when using Final Cut Pro X. We are packing our gear for the workshop tomorrow, I’m finishing the new video, we are putting some stickers on the van and… a really cool message from Alien Skin and YOU have the chance to win a full license of Exposure X just drop us an Email with […]

iPad pro, Surface Pro4, Wacom Cintiq… which one…..

A while ago I posted a video online where I showed an app called Astropad. This app is pretty awesome, it makes it possible to do some retouching in Photoshop/Lightroom etc. on your iPad pro with the Apple Pencil, and it works pretty well, although it has limitations (later more). This video got an amazing amount of views, actually it’s nearing the 180.000 views on YouTube. It also got some remarks which literally puzzled me but also motivated me to […]