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Route 66 Part III the town reminded me of cars

Let’s start of by saying that Radiator springs is actually a town that doesn’t really exists, it is a fictional town. But when you visit Ludlow you really get the feeling that or they cleverly used Cars (you know the Pixar one) a little bit, or that some of the inspiration was taken from there. I’m afraid however it is the first one because if you look online you can’t find any mention of Ludlow in the inspirational sites for the movie […]

Shots on a car junkyard

During the filming of my new KelbyOne classes one of the locations was the local car junkyard and believe it or not but this is a walking distance from our studio, you see the best locations can indeed be very close. If you want to see how to create these images make sure to check out my classes on KelbyOne. Models : Lenaa and Nadine Styling : Nadine  

Fashion in Amsterdam

Everyone loves Amsterdam, right? Well it’s indeed a very interesting and cool place for photography, so when the guys from KelbyOne visited to shoot some of new classes one of the locations HAD to be Amsterdam. Today some of the results we got from that segment from my class on shooting fashion on location, part was done with small flash and part with the Elinchrom Quadra series. Model : Lenaa Styling : Nadine    

Fashion on location at the old harbor of Schokland

Today on my blog some images from my KelbyOne class on fashion on location in which I explain a lot of techniques you can use while shooting in different locations. Some of the locations were a Car Junkyard, Amsterdam and the images I’m gonna show today which were shot in the old harbor of Schokland. So if you want to know more about the techniques to create these and plenty more tips check out my classes on KelbyOne.   This is without […]