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Esther during the workshop

Today some images shot during the workshop “Coaching and movement”. In this workshop I give a lot of attention to coaching the model and of course freezing motion. First we started with some basic posing tips and just having some fun with the model. After this it was time for some basic motion like jumps, slight moves etc. During this part we talk about some motion that models can do in high-heels, sneakers etc. but also how to coach the […]

Kingsday in the Netherlands

A lot of people have asked me how kingsday is celebrated. To be honest for me it’s one of the coolest days of the year because it’s like a huge flea market, so you can hunt for hours for nice stuff for photoshoots, comics and much more. In essence most people sell the junk they bought last year 😀 This year our weather service warned for loads of rain and cold but in the end it was all very doable, […]

TIP on backgrounds

When I started out with model photography I used a lot of seamless backgrounds, and I think most of you do. However the more I shot the more I grew bored with these backgrounds and I started using the studio walls and more and more and I was drawn to location work. Of course it’s not possible to work on great locations all the time, and let’s be realistic…. the background does have to have something interesting, being it structure, […]

a CRAZY Macphun offer

MacPhun craziest offer ever….XXL It’s no secret I love Macphun products… Over the last few years they have almost replaced all my other plugins, for example intensify is on almost 90% of my shots (to give it that extra pop), and I also love their BW convertor Tonality and there is LOADS more……but their new limited time bundle even makes me speechless….. If you don’t already own the creative suite, now is the time. Heck even if you don’t own […]