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Its no secret I love comics, cosplay (although you won’t see me dressed up as Batman :D), movies etc. So Its also no surprise that a while ago I started a series called “Heroes and villains” which you can find in my portfolio. Today some new images from a character you might know… cat woman… or as we know her…. just Ingrid. 😀   Thanks to Funidelia for the great costumes.  

Xrite workshop Day 2 and Urk BTCD March 28 2017

Today day 2 of the X-rite 5 day workshop. See the shoots with our model Ramona. After the workshop we visited Urk and I show you the different attractions from both the ground and the air. Plus we introduce you to our “broodje Kroket” It’s a jampacked episode. please subscribe to make it possible for us to continue creating the vlog

Fresnels…. are awesome

Fresnels are without a doubt one of my favorite light sources. The light quality is absolutely gorgeous and you can really focus the light by moving the light source closer and further away from the lens, a very simple but OH so effective method. For strobes I use the Elinchrom FS30 Frensel and for continuous lighting the Ledgo fresnels. Now if you look online you will quickly see that both are not exactly cheap… but don’t panic. In essence you […]

X-rite 5 day workshop Day 1 BTCD March 27 2017

In todays episode it’s time for the first day in the 5 day X-rite photography workshop. Meet Mark the price winner and see what we do during day 1. If you like our videos please subscribe, like, leave comments and share.