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San Francisco continued

Today some more images from San Francisco. These were all shot on our final day in San Francisco and during our stay at Bert Monroy who was kind enough to show us around his area. Click on one of the tumbnails for the gallery.

About Sony

I’ve been doubting if I should write this blogpost, but I decided to do it anyway. Let me make one thing 100% clear, I don’t work for Sony. I use their cameras and that’s about it, at the moment I’m not even in their ambassadors program, so there is no “getting paid” to write reviews or what I’m doing today. However I think the following post can be of major importance for a lot of people to link to, so […]

San Francisco images Part I

I already shared some images from our trip to San Francisco during my Sony A7RII reviews but I shot a lot more of course Today some images from our visit to the so called mission district.   Click on one of the images for the better gallery 😀

Lenaa on the rocks

During our travels through Scotland we passed many beautiful spots, if we would have stopped everywhere… well we would still not be home, but sometimes you see a spot where you just have to stop.