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UK Here we come…. for some cool workshops

It’s almost time for our yearly UK tour. Every year we travel to 3 locations in the UK with a model to teach a full day workshop. This year we will do it slightly different because we will also be teaching one of the very successful “Mastering the model shoot : A-Z” workshops in the London area. Our team for this year: Me (of course) Annewiek : assisting, filming Nadine : Styling, model So where will we be? We kick […]

The light blaster in action

Today some images with Nadine, the light blaster and some smoke. The light blaster is without a doubt the kind of modifier that really triggers your creativity, when I got it I was first a bit skeptic because I don’t like to shoot a model against a “fake” background, but when you use it more “subtle” it can be a HUGE boost for your shoots. We loved it so much we are now the distributor for the Netherlands :D, so […]

Behind the closed DOORs teaser episode 1

This is the first episode (or call it teaser) for “Behind the closed DOORs” In this videoblog I will be filming the material you normally don’t see, the BTS BTS videos so to speak, how we arrange photoshoots, how I connect my gear, make backups and well what we normally do during a workday or during trips. I film this all with my iPhone so no fancy audio, no fancy lighting, it’s just as it is and I think that […]

Some random Iris shots

Today some shots from the first set we did during last Saturdays workshop with Iris. This workshop had the theme “Budget lighting”. In this workshop we work with the very basic lighting gear, actually the gear you get when you buy your kit, just to show you don’t need the most expensive modifiers to create great shots, we even use a simple lightbulb in one of the sets (see yesterdays blogpost).   Model : Iris Dress : Sinister