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Today no blogpost, well actually there is one because you are reading this 😀 Now what about that title 7-7-97   On July 7th in 1997 Annewiek and me got married, so today marks the calendar as our wedding day. As you all know Annewiek always travels with me to make sure nothing goes wrong, and of course sometimes to make sure everything does go wrong, but in all honestly where would I be without my life partner, filmer, assistant, […]

Manon Brederode workshop results

Today some of the results from the workshop we did with Manon at the Brederode Ruins. These workshops are always intense and I try to mix several techniques to get a very varied program during the day, and sometimes I even end up with portfolio material (to be honest most of my portfolio was shot during the workshops, but what do you expect with these kind of stunning locations right?)   Model : Manon Styling : Nadine Accessories : Christa […]

Tethering… what if all goes wrong…

We get a lot of questions about this so I thought it would be handy to do a small blogpost about it.   So you want to shoot tethered right? Well I don’t blame you, it’s the best thing ever, it’s fast, you can check your images, you can beam them to smart devices (or worldwide) etc. etc. the options are limitless at the moment and it keeps getting better. My personal favorite way to shoot tethered in the studio is […]

Images from the Digital classroom broadcast

Today the retouched images from the July 1st broadcast of “Digital classroom”   Model : Anna Mathea