FujiFilm X-E1 as model

Shooting models during workshops is fun of course, but most of the times in normal work you will be asked to shoot not only the model but also “something else” this can vary from the clothing, hats to …. well actually anything.


It’s no secret I love vintage cameras and I like the look of the FujiFilm X-E1 so I thought it would be fun to create a series with this camera as the main focus of attention. As mentioned many times on the blog I always believe in giving my clients a lot of different looks to choose from so also in this case we shot with natural light and several different strobe setups. I hope you like the outcome.


Model/Styling : Nadine

Nadine Augustus 30 2013-153-Edit

Nadine Augustus 30 2013-72-Edit

Nadine Augustus 30 2013-151-Edit

Nadine Augustus 30 2013-143-Edit

Nadine Augustus 30 2013-131-Edit

Nadine Augustus 30 2013-89-Edit

Nadine Augustus 30 2013-72-Edit

Nadine Augustus 30 2013-52-Edit

Nadine Augustus 30 2013-53-Edit

Nadine Augustus 30 2013-69-Edit


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  • ThinDragon

    Fantastic shots, though I have to admit I spend more time looking at the human model than I do the camera 🙂

  • Qmin

    wow this is amazing shot fuji should be endorse you for lenses and cameras.

  • TurboSport

    the pictures were taken with APO Summicron 90 ASPH?

  • Richard

    greeat set and styling too

  • Nanda Linn Aung

    awesome photos!!