Workshop images NJ day 2

Today some images from day 2 from the New Jersey workshops.
Also here I played with several new presets so all images are tinted differently.

NJ April 14-733-Edit

NJ April 14-524-Edit

NJ April 14-532-Edit

NJ April 14-560-Edit

NJ April 14-576-Edit

NJ April 14-584-Edit

NJ April 14-607-Edit

NJ April 14-698-Edit

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  • Bob Redd

    Great work. Let me know when you are doing a Sacramento, Ca workshop.

    • We will be in Santa Cruz after PSW in September.

      • Bob Redd

        Please send details when available and where I may purchase a pass to the seminar.

  • John_Skinner

    Frank. Although no one ever really says it.. You rarely go a day without updating this blog and adding some good reading to it. And some people may not really think about it. You do this whether you are 1000s of miles away from home, or from your studio. As a ‘DOORManiac’ follower.. I really appreciate your dedication to my person wealth bank each day. I hope your PSW workshops blow them away… I hope you & your wife are having a smashing time on your US tour.

    • Thank you so very much, I always try to keep the blog rolling and people happy 😀

      It’s just how I love to work 😀

  • Great work as usual! I don’t comment a lot but I always look in envy haha