Updated our webshop with instructional videos

Updated the instructional video part of www.frankdoorhof.com/shop2 
We moved some DVDs to the “classic” label, meaning lower pricing and of course also lower pricing for the downloads.

Nadine Februari 15 2041-Edit

So make sure to check out the instructional DVDs or download and order them online, all DVDs and downloads are jampacked with tips and hints and are at least 60 minutes of instructional material (live in Boston over 130 !!!).


And with the new “classic” label pricing they are more affordable than ever (starting at just 20.00 per video).

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  • mcigala1

    I know that you have done workshops, instructional DVDs, Youtube channel, Kelby Training courses, but, what about to make a live webminar on creativelive.com?. I would like a lot.

    • I don;t know, don’t think that would be really my thing.

      • mcigala1

        I think that you are a very good teacher, showman and communicator, so you can make a great job in these kind of events. Perhaps in the future you can reconsider it.