Some images from PSW

Just three images today, first up two images from one of the best landscape and aviation photographers out there (I think) Moose Peterson. During the pre-con I went with Moose to fantasy of flight to shoot some airplanes and re-encators (I will post images of that later), and finally one image I shot while walking during PSW, as you can see sometimes people really have to recharge :D

April 16 2013 PSW  (164 of 652)-Edit

April 16 2013 PSW  (167 of 652)-Edit

April 28 BTS PSW Sony (5 of 18)-Edit

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  • David Gunzenhauser

    Love the pics… I am a huge fan of Moose and try to learn everything I can from him… He is awesome + 3 in my humble opinion!!!

    • http://www.frankdoorhof.com Frank Doorhof

      well thank you, Moose rocks.

  • http://danilew.com/ DaniLew

    I love the recharging picture and I loved listening to you speak at #PSW13, Frank! I attended your “Styling ideas that don’t cost an arm & leg” and “Why photograph is more than just shooting” classes.

    • http://www.frankdoorhof.com Frank Doorhof

      thanks, loved being there, see you in Vegas ?

      • http://danilew.com/ DaniLew

        Sorry, Frank, but no Vegas. I can only afford one PSW per year and Orlando was it.

        • http://www.frankdoorhof.com Frank Doorhof

          ah ok, well then after Vegas :D

          • http://danilew.com/ DaniLew


  • Mike M.

    Frank, fun pics. Your classes at PSW were excellent, very inspiring! Also, thank you very much for visiting the Tampa Bay Strobist group. Please come back soon!

    • http://www.frankdoorhof.com Frank Doorhof

      You’re more than welcome, I LOVED being there. I always love visiting the states.