First day New Jersey images

As you have read the day before yesterday we spend most of day 1 for the follow up on the series I did on the aftermath of Sandy, but of course we also visited some other sites. Now I love abandoned buildings and areas so I was more than happy with what we found along the road, these buildings have been empty for years, something we don’t see a lot in the Netherlands. Do remember that these kind of posts are just for “fun” and are a bit of an insight in what drives me while shooting on my days off.

April 10 2013 NJ  (99 of 289)-Edit


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  • We certainly don’t see that many abandoned buildings in the UofK either. (17 of 289) is Thrasher a reference to a Neil Young song? No way would they get $8 for my head, it takes two minutes blind folded on a slow day.