After Sandy 2

A few months ago when I visited New York I was escorted to Rockaway beach to see the devastation of hurricane Sandy. You can read that story here.
Today I wanted to do another part of the story, around 6 months after Sandy. Of course I hoped that everything would look a little bit better (I hoped a lot better) but to be honest I was still shocked to see what the state of the area still is. I don’t think we need more words, but just the images.


One thing I want to make clear, I don’t go to these areas for the “kick”, I want to register what’s going on and maybe help out just a little bit to get some awareness for the situation of the people there.

April 10 2013 NJ  (215 of 289)-Edit

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  • David Gunzenhauser

    Frank, coming from this area and knowing the devastation, I never get accustomed to such images. Your photos clearly capture this terrible natural disaster, and remind us that there is still a lot of work to do. Thank you so much for using your art to keep light on such a story!

  • What of the people who once lived there?

    • I don’t know exactly but we did hear some very sad stories.

  • Marc

    Your suprise does not surprise me ! Take a look at New Orleans. In the US, money rules. Good or bad it is not my issue here, but clearly lifr is harder there for poor guys as here in Europe.

    • I think so.

    • Those beach houses are not owned by the poor. As for the mess not getting cleaned up that is their state Government falling down on the job. In Texas we clean up rebuild and move on.