Wibi Soerjadi live session 2

Yesterday we visited the second (actually third, but we missed the first one) concert from Wibi Soerjadi. Seeing the great responses I got from the first series I decided to also share the results from this second concert. This time I choose a different location to shoot from, right on the stage next to Wibi, this gives a much different look on the images, and something you don’t normally get to do that much. I hope you guys like this series just as much (or even better) than the previous one.

Wibi Januari 3 2013 -_-155-Edit-Edit


All images were shot with the Sony A99 and Zeiss 24-70.

Wibi Januari 3 2013 -_-60-Edit

Wibi Januari 3 2013 -_-65-Edit

Wibi Januari 3 2013 -_-91-Edit

Wibi Januari 3 2013 -_-94-Edit

Wibi Januari 3 2013 -_-137-Edit

Wibi Januari 3 2013 -_-152-Edit-Edit

Wibi Januari 3 2013 -_-212-Edit-Edit


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  • Stefan

    Hi Frank,

    Really love this angle you shoot from, because now he is strongly connected to his audiance. In my opinion to add also such images strengthen the story.
    Compliments !!

    Cheers Stefan

    • thanks, I loved the position indeed, same reason you give.

  • Ha Frank,

    leuk je aan het werk gezien te hebben, verbazingwekkend hoe snel en onopvallend je tussendoor foto’s hebt gemaakt! Ik kan met name je Zwart-Wit werk erg waarderen van deze series!

    Johan Seip

    • Dank je wel Johan.
      En een beetje “stealth” is wel een vereiste vind ik, met of zonder toestemming van de artiest, er zijn toch mensen die een kaartje gekocht hebben en willen genieten zonder een fotograaf voor zich te hebben 😀

  • Guus

    Great shots again. Nice to see the audience too. I like the bw ones

  • Bob Redd

    Frank! You are the master!!

  • brenda

    Ik zie het liever scherper, gaver en gladder, dus knapper en minder vlekkerig.

  • Leonard F Grant Jr

    Well done, bravo to you Frank. you are the Maestro!

  • Klaas

    Love them all and as already said including the audience really makes the series, well done. The third one is so funny, at first it looks like its just the piano but you have to look closer, nice catch!

    • Thx. I saw it during rehearsal and thought “that’s the shot I want to take” 😉