New images Manon

Today a few images from the workshop Studio Technique 1 with Manon from last week (year).
Remember that these images are just uploaded to share some of the material we shoot during the workshops.

Manon 28 December 2012-49-Edit

Manon 28 December 2012-44-Edit

Manon 28 December 2012-38-Edit

Manon 28 December 2012-32-Edit

Manon 28 December 2012-26-Edit

Manon 28 December 2012-13-Edit

Manon 28 December 2012-9-Edit

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  • leo koach

    she is lovely 🙂

    • leo koach

      My wife with honeycomb light at front and umbrella from lower right (unnoticeable). Nikkor 50mm at 1.8 using 3 layers of filters to use flash at F1.8. Nikon D1X camera in BW mode. A film overlay.
      I think came out pretty interesting. I ordered 20X30 print of it 🙂

  • Excellent styling and lighting of course, hope to see you at SWPP convention on the flash centre stand.

  • Klaas

    Great variety and super nice lighting, some photographers told me never use a Rembrandt lighting on a woman well you show here that it works great (4th picture). I think it has to do with the form of the face too this one is giving here a smaller face and it looks nice on here.
    No color-cast on the first picture, great.
    Contrary to the picture in a few posts back I love the last two, i don’t mind that the white is a little milky as here hair and face is sharp and well defined. Greet series Frank.

  • Freddy

    Frank : will you be bringing a model with you to Photoshopworld in Las Vegas this year? I think an appearance by Nadine would rock the house. 🙂

    • Gert


      The pictures here are absolutely great, #4 is my favorite one.

    • I’m sure. We are thinking of doing a styling/photography workshop as precon one photoshop world so who knows. Let them know you want it 😉