Adding elements

Now as mentioned before on the blog sometimes we as photographers stop one step too soon with taking our “perfect” shot. And I know it’s often difficult to find that finishing touch. For example with the next image I was already happy with the end result..

The styling is cool, the model is nice, and I love the light, and in most cases one would say “done”.
However by adding one extra element it makes the photo pop a bit more and it really made the end result for me.

And it doesn’t have to be something big, as you can see here it’s just a red light shimmering through the image, but for me that really completes the image.


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  • As well as another element the extra light adds a little more detail (not too much) on to the models midriff, trousers, arms and top as well as warming things up a bit. You like your hard light Frank (you’ve got me at it) I love the fact it’s not all lit the same and the hard shadow the styling is on the edge as well….nice.

  • Freddy

    Cool boudoir lighting for shy, body conscious women who want to look awesome!

  • Awesome… really brings out the skin tone and adds another dimension to the whole image!