Just one shot

Today just one shot 😀
Normally a lot of talk and images, but today I thought it would be fun to just share one shot I shot during a workshop and I really like.
Thanks to Carmen and Anne-lotte for the design.


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  • Verissimo Dias

    not only “one shot”, but THE SHOT !!!!
    Greetings from Portugal

  • John_Skinner

    That’s incredibly sharp Frank, even viewing this over the web, it’s sharp enough to cut you. The detail on the buttons and belt buckle.. Wow.

    Not spot on topic here, just asking.. With the newer release of the Sekonic Profile/Meter Update software, we now have the ability to set custom settings in the 758 without being trashed over $200.– for the special targets and we can use our Color Checker Passport… Can – Will you attempt a post/video showing your thoughts and methods for doing this ?

    I realize about your Lightroom way of finding 128 across the board method… I was merely asking as they have now included that Passport option in their release.

    Great shot as always.

  • Max

    “one shot”, “one light”!! From the best instructor!

  • EeroM

    I see you getting ready for the rainy season 🙂