tweetmeet pre Photoshop world

Yesterday night it was time for the tweet meet, and trust me those things are fun (as you can see), they also filmed a new DTown TV episode so check that out soon.
Here is a small backstage video I shot during the tweet meet. Today are the seminars starting and I’m up at 10:45 right after the keynote/opening so let’s rock !!!


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  • Nice vid Frank. And nice meeting you last night. Looking forward to your class today.

  • Mel Reyes-Abbey

    I was at your Get Inspired workshop today. 1) You made me miss Europe a TON (I grew up in Germany) and 2) You had an awesome presentation.
    And thanks for posting this video of me getting tossed in the pool. It’s fun to see what everyone else saw. Erik Valind has been instrumental in helping me learn and it’s flattering to be a part of the Photoshop World experience!
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

    • This was my first PSW and it rocked.
      Loved meeting with all you guys and meeting old friends and making a load more.

  • Love the video Frank and it was a wonderful week at Photoshop World to which you and your lovely wife added so much to the experience! šŸ™‚
    Hope you shall join our strobist group for another photography adventure if you get back down to Tampa any time soon! Enjoy the rest of your visit and your time at the Magical Kingdom of the Mouse!

    • LOL, yeah I love mickey šŸ˜€
      I had a blast and I’ll be back.

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  • The super SPLASH!. Melissa has the most contagious happy PHOTO spirit in the world. Sweet!!!!!! I wish I was there with her!