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Tonality from MacPhun video

One of the things I always love it playing with new software, being it plugins or apps, it’s always nice to see if a piece of software can give you a boost in workflow or simply give you a new/better/faster way to make your images stand out.


Now there are some great BW converters out there, I love Alien Skin Exposure, SilverFx and DxO filmpack so when the guys from MacPhun asked me to testrun their newest app called Tonality (in base a BW convertor) I was very curious what they could add to the market with their app, but after some weeks of test-driving Tonality I can tell you that it ROCKS, the interface is very easy to understand but most of all the options you have to really custom make the look you want for your image is awesome. I’m 100% sure you’re gonna love it.

As with all MacPhun software it’s for Mac only, it will work as a plugin in for Lr, Photoshop but also as a standalone.

You can order it here :

Congratulations to our buddies at MacPhun for releasing another awesome app.


And here is my video on Tonality Pro.
As you can see I don’t use the layers option, this is something I do use in Photoshop, but if you want it in the software it’s there.

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A new model called Poeka

Sometimes social media can be terrible, sometimes social media can be wonderful.
And this time it was wonderful.
Via social media I came into contact with Poeka and loved her portfolio, so I invited her over for a small testshoot, and she did impress me. So let me introduce Poeka, one of the new models for the workshops.


Poeka de Wit Juli 17 2014 114

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Using masks

The face is an incredibly important part of a shoot, it’s where we get the expressions from, and of course it’s the first thing we look at.
So we have to make sure the face is always correctly lit and visible, right?



Well most of the times yes, but sometimes it can be very nice to play a bit with masks.
The nice thing is that first of all the mask itself will have some form of expression, but the thing that really draws me towards the use of masks is the way some of them respond to the light and what’s also very obvious is that when the model wears a mask she/he will have to work more with the body to create the look/expression you want, and this can give some interesting shots especially when you start combining it with some harsh shadows.


In this blogpost some images I shot with Anna during a webinar last week.

Anna Juli 16 2014 Webinar C1 B (1 of 2)

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Ben and Anna

In this blogpost some images from a small duo shoot we did with Anna and Ben.
Styling by Nadine Stephan.

Anna en Ben Juli 9 2014 256-Edit

Anna en Ben Juli 9 2014 274-Edit


Today some images from a session we did with our model Ben.
Styling by our very own Nadine Stephan.

Ben Juli 9 2014 569-Edit

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Many different looks from one setup

Often I’m asked what kind of setups I use and what kind of modifiers.
What people often don’t realize is that with only one modifier you can chance a lot just by playing with the angles and controlling the contrast/lightfall off. In fact placing a light closer or further away also makes a huge impact on the image look, add to this the option to feather a light source (using the sides of the light) and you know that there is a lot possible with one modifier and light.


It gets even more interesting when you are combining two strobes and for example add a gel to one of them.
During the workshop this weekend I made a setup like this with our model Lennaa and decided it would be a cool thing to share on the blog.


I started out with one strobe with a red gel.

Lenaa Juli 25 20142025

To get a bit more “punch” in the image I added another strobe without gel under the same angle to mix the two.

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Esther during a workshop

Today some images from our model Esther, shot during a workshop in our studio.
And yes, you really shoot so many different looks during a workshop :-)
Do you also want to visit a workshop? visit


Esther Juli 18 2014 125

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