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A tip that can save you a lot of money

A tip for all kind of photographers


We all love to share images online right?
We all like to show off where we are, or our new pride and joy.
And of course we are all careful to not include our address so the thieves will not know where we are right?
Did you know that when you post an image online made with your smartphone OR certain DSLR’s or compacts all store GPS information in your EXIF?



So although you’re very careful about not telling the thieves where to find your gear or new car you are in fact giving them a road map on how to get there including directions…..


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Another Rickshaw serie

Just before we had to bring the rickshaw back I was able to use it one more time during a small flash workshop with Nadine.

Nadine Oktober 31 2014  35 - October 31 2014

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Outside with small flash using the sun

One of the things that I love to do is including the sun in the frame.
Often photographers are afraid to do this, for…. well I don’t know.
During the small flash workshop we always try to do one set outside to create something that a lot of people think is not possible with the small flash system, a day to night scene.


The nice thing about small flash is that there is an option where you can use something called “HSS” High Speed Sync.
With this option you can shoot on higher shutter speeds than with studio strobes (which are almost always limited to 1/125), meaning it gets easier to “push away” the ambient light.


By adding two strobes together you get 1 stop more of power plus recycling etc. is much faster.
The following shots were done with this technique during the small flash workshop.

Nadine buiten Oktober 31 2014  28 - October 31 2014

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Sarina Kay

Sarina Kay has been a regular guest in our studio ever since her photoshoot.
For her new album she needed some new promo shots and in between I shot a few extra for her, today I share them on the blog.
Sarine Kay Oct 17 2014516-Edit

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Small flash from the side.

Light from the side can be incredibly powerful.
Here, during the small flash workshop, I used a bare strobe to light Nadine, by using the zoom function you can tailor the light beam hitting the model just the way you like it.

Nadine Oktober 31 2014  6 - October 31 2014

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Workshop Cannenburch with Nadine Part 3

For the next set me moved into the little chapel.
This place was very hard to shoot in, loads of risk factors and windows on the side, as you can see I’m actually using a mix of ambient light through the windows as accent lights and positioned myself so that the windows were blocked by Nadine in some of the shots for maximum effect.


The risk factor in this chapel was a bit higher than in the other locations for a very simple reason, everything was tight.
In the whole museum we were shooting in locations with irreplaceable items, if we broke something…. well there is no price to put on it because…. well it can’t be replaced, meaning we would have to call in one of the museum employees every time we wanted to move something or wanted to check if it was ok if we touched something, they were incredibly relaxed about it and were great helps, but always remember when shooting in locations like this (if you ever do) you are a guest and be VERY VERY careful.


In the end I decided to go for a serie of different looks.
We started with natural light only.
And as always sometimes I have trouble choosing between BW and color.

Cannenburch November 8 2014 Nadine  189 - November 08 2014 1

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Workshop Cannenburch with Nadine Part 2

Today part II from the workshop at Cannenburch with Nadine.


After the lunch we went back inside and we shot in a new set.
Also here 3 different looks starting with fill in flash, to mainly flash and… natural light.
Cannenburch November 8 2014 Nadine  24 - November 08 2014

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