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Results workshops Studio76 Eersel

Today some of the results from the workshops I did with Nadine at Studio76 in Eersel.
Some images you saw before in some tips by the way.

Nadine October 12 2014 0001-Edit

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Move around your light

One of the best tips I can give people is “move around your light”
Every time I show this very simple technique during workshops there is always a group of students that is literally totally surprised by the effects you can create by just moving around your model. What you are actually doing is the same as moving around your light source, but when you combine it with a wall against which the model is posing you can get some stunning effects very fast.


In this setup I’m using one strobe aimed at my model.
In the first shot you see it shot from the front.

Nadine October 12 2014 0149-Edit

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MacPhun presets market place



Today MacPhun officially launches it’s marketplace for presets.
I love their plugins/apps and use for example Tonality Pro and Intensify pro on almost all my shots just to give it that little bit of extra pop OR to give it that perfect BW look.


I already created some presets for my favorite plugins which you can order via this link but MacPhun asked me to create 5 more unique ones for their market place, so I choose to create 5 more presets for Intensify which are not already in my own preset pack.


To celebrate the launch of their new market place we updated our MacPhun page on this site and added some of my favorite plugins/apps that I advise to you guys, please use the links on that page when ordering and also support my work. And of course your own by using these amazing plugins/apps.

Triggertrap review

Let me start of by saying I’m not really the kind of person that works from a tripod, but… as many of you probably recognize I’m always traveling with one and not using it, UNTILL that day you don’t travel with one… and you need it, that’s the story for me with tripods. It’s also the reason why at the moment I’m looking for a good carbon one…… well actually the reason is my Triggertrap, sounds weird right? until you read this review.


I’ve been seeing very positive reviews on the Triggertrap all over the net so I was very curious to test one out myself, because I’m shooting Sony I was very happy to hear that Triggertrap actually had a version for both my A7r and A99 (well done Triggertrap), now don’t get me wrong I LOVE shooting Sony but one of the frustrations is that a lot of companies simply don’t have accessories for Sony, take for example Camranger, this is a product I’m very interested in and I’ve been bugging them for years now to support Sony, the answer is always…. “next time we see each other”… and that’s well…. still not working (great product by the way) so back on topic…. Triggertrap does have a Sony version, and as soon as I got them in I started testing.

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A tip on lighting patterns

Today a quick tip on lighting

Often people ask me what they should use to show patterns on the wall from blinds, racks, chairs etc.
You have to understand that to show patterns you will need a light that is pretty hard, meaning if you place a softbox very close to blinds you will not get the effect you want (see the first example)


This is of course pretty logical because the light is literally spreading around the structure of the item you place in between the model and the light source, meaning you will hardly see any patterns.

Nadine October 12 2014 0001-Edit

when you change the softbox for a reflector or even a bare-bulb strobe you will start to see the effect (see second shot).

Nadine October 12 2014 0020-Edit

Now the fun part comes into the angle of the strobe and… the distance, with all these elements you can control the outcome of the shot.
Good luck.

For much more tips on lighting get my book “Mastering the modelshoot” or download one of my instructional videos via :

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Manon during a workshop

Today some images shot during a workshop with Manon.

Manon October 3 2014 0874

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Worldwide Photowalk 2014 Tilburg

October 11 was Worldwide Photowalk day.
I always try to host one of the walks and this time (due to other appointments) the city would be Tilburg.


The group assembled at camerastore “Foto Tuerlings”
A small shop with heart for their business, just the way I love them, so if you are in that area make sure to check them out. Foto Tuerlings arranged some nice warm sandwiches with “kroketten” and drinks. During the walk our attendees had the choice of several Sony cameras and lenses to test out in the field, in my opinion the best way to test out cameras :D


Most of the time I spend talking to people but I still managed to get some shots that are fun to share on the blog, so here we go :D

Photowalk 2014 Tilburg  (8 of 203)_DxO

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